Anne Manne

Anne Manne is the author of Motherhood, the Quarterly Essay ‘Love & Money’ and the memoir So This Is Life. Her most recent book is The Life of I: The new culture of narcissism.

Articles by this author

Image of Ian Shevill
Tragic evidence of child sexual abuse in the Newcastle Anglican Church
Rape among the lamingtons
A survivor, Paul Gray, takes the stand. He has a gentle, sad face and a soft voice. As he reads his statement his head is down, his shoulders hunched. He speaks hesitantly,...
Why are our pets so pampered?
A companionable rooster
As I was walking into the local vet’s to buy some cat food, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a woman stroking what looked like a large fluffy white cat tucked under her arm....
Stan Grant
On Stan Grant’s radical hope
The advocate
Stan Grant strides towards me. It is easy to see why the television camera so loves his face. We meet at the plush Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne, where tea is poured from an elegant...
On the road with the irrepressible Nick Xenophon
Joker  in  the  pack
Nick Xenophon’s small white car is stuffed with what looks like rubbish. I climb in and immediately conclude that his famous refusal to ever invite journalists to his house is...
The many talents of a much-maligned rodent
In defence of the rat
One day, as I opened a barrel of chaff to feed our horses, a large rat with a long, grey slithery tail emerged on the rim. I expected him to flee, but he just looked at me for...
Annabel Crabb’s ‘The Wife Drought’
The wife and times
It took me many months to complete my recent book, hunched over the keyboard, eyes glazed with concentration, fingers flying – except, that is, when I paused to sip a cup of tea...
Confident white males - and other profiles of denialism
  "We are vaguely aware of choosing not to look at the facts, but not quite conscious of what it is we are evading." - Stanley Cohen, State of Denial...
De Beauvoir's heir? Badinter with the great thinker in 1983. © Francoise Duc Pages/Kipa/Corbis
Elisabeth Badinter’s 'The Conflict: Woman and Mother'
Children’s Lib
The sixteenth-century essayist, Michel de Montaigne, was sent away at birth from his aristocratic father’s house to a poor peasant wet nurse in the French countryside. In the...
Community and disability activist Rhonda Galbally with members of the Human Rights Committee for Victoria at Parliament House, Melbourne, June 2005. © Eddie Jim/Fairfax Syndication
The case for a national disability insurance scheme
Two nations
On a Brisbane morning in April of this year, Lillian Andren rose long before dawn. Almost completely paralysed, getting to the public hearing of the Productivity Commission’s...
Dubbed the greatest match race in history, Seabiscuit (inside left), ridden by George Woolf, beats War Admiral in 1938. © Bettman / Corbis
How not to win the Melbourne Cup
In sentimental movies about horseracing, such as National Velvet and Seabiscuit, there is a recurring theme. A rough diamond with potential slowly becomes a champion, transforming...
A decade ago I wrote a newspaper article about Sarah Blaffer Hrdy’s controversial book Mother Nature: Natural Selection and the Female of the Species. Halfway through I came...
The girl in the room
It starts with a triple-0 call at 1 pm on 3 November 2007. A distraught father gasps out the words. A child lies dead. When the ambulance officers arrive at the scene – a modest...
Loneliness in the age of freedom
Only connect
One day in late summer I have a bad fall. I shred an ankle. It does not heal. After weeks of medical muddle, a scan shows ligaments snapped and torn off the bone. I am housebound...
Sex & power in the age of pornography
Love me tender?
It is a story for our times. The amateur DVD boasting the exploits of the self-described "teenage kings" of Werribee looked like any other. It had an R rating on the cover. The...
The new narcissism
What about me?
One day last year, while waiting in line at a local butcher’s shop, something happened. The butcher spotted me. His face changed. He moved someone who was ahead of me in the queue...
‘Family Wanted: Adoption Stories’ edited by Sara Holloway
Happenstance, Daniel Menaker calls it, the utterly contingent nature of our lives. Family Wanted is an anthology of essays by some very fine writers about lives shaped by adoption...