Anna Krien


15 ENTRIES Anna Krien is the author of Night Games: Sex, power and sport and Into the Woods: The battle for Tasmania’s forests, and the Quarterly Essays Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals and The Long Goodbye: Coal, Coral and Australia’s Climate Deadlock. Her debut novel, Act of Grace, was published in 2019.



Hanging on the telephone

What happens when kids encounter a landline

Child's illustration


The screens that ate school

What do we really know about the growing presence of Google, Apple, Microsoft and more in the education system?

Photograph of Tennant Creek Brio artists by Jesse Marlow / Institute


Desert bloom: The Tennant Creek Brio

The brazen art movement born out of the troubled legacies of substance abuse and dispossession



The unflappable Finkel

Australia’s chief scientist talks energy alternatives and trying to elevate the narrative

Still from Get Krack!n


C’mon, we’re being fun

‘Get Krack!n’s Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney are not pussyfooting around


Scrambled politics

Climate change, ideology and the role of government

Julia at Melbourne Zoo in 2011.


In danger

The strange life and tragic death of Julia the gorilla

Cover image, Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport (Black Inc)


Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport

‘Cops want to catch crooks, they don’t want to be social workers,’ he said. ‘I’m not saying they don’t care about the victims – it’s just that a lot of police aren’t equipped with the skills …

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Drawn Faces

The Last of the Court Artists

Quarterly Essay 45, 'Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals', by Anna Krien, Black Inc., 125pp; $19.95

Human rights

Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals

It was around midnight when I got off the tram at the last stop in Melbourne’s north. As the doors locked behind me, two men, one bare-chested, ran across the street, traffic swerving, and stood in front of the tram, arms crossed. Their eyes were …

Midday at the Gap View Hotel, Alice Springs, 2006. Image courtesy of Anna Pappas Gallery and the artist. © Jesse Marlow


Booze territory

The crisis of alcoholism

Stephen Milne leads his St Kilda teammates in a recovery session, September 2008, Melbourne. © Stuart Mcevoy / Newspix / News Limited


Out of bounds

Sex and the AFL

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.



Food technology and the manufacture of flavours

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Blanche’s boy

“Until recently I’ve been pretty half-hearted about Welcome to Country,” Jack Charles confesses as he faces a room of social workers at a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Melbourne’s Fitzroy. A short Koori man with fuzzy white hair floating around …


Trouble on the night shift

Rescue and remembrance in the creek beds of the desert