Anna Goldsworthy

Anna Goldsworthy is a pianist and writer. Her most recent books are Welcome to Your New Life and The Best Australian Essays 2017 (as editor). Her most recent album is Beethoven Piano Trios.

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L–R: Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Jenny Macklin, Julia Gillard, Kate Lundy, Kate Ellis, Julie Collins. © Tim Bauer
Critical Mass
Julia Gillard and the women in cabinet
It is the first sitting week in parliament. Somewhere up north, a man draws lewd cartoons of the prime minister. It is compulsive, self-pleasuring behaviour. He simply cannot stop...
Paul Lewis. © Pia Johnson
Paul Lewis
Sleepwalking with Schubert
What is it about Schubert? There are so many composers to love. And so many ways to love them. Mozart: in your blood, that narcotic joy. Bach: the brainwaves flowing to theta....
A Heavy F*cking Situation
The second episode of HBO’s new comedy series Girls begins with a sex scene. “I knew when I found you, you wanted it this way,” pants a pale young man in a half-lit room. “Found...
Martin Amis in 2010. © Xavier Betral/EPA
Martin Amis’ 'Lionel Asbo: State of England'
Top Dog
At the end of his recent biography of Martin Amis, Richard Bradford poses a question, as if to justify the toil of the previous 382 pages: “Significance: Is He a Great Writer?” “...
'Downton Abbey'
It’s Complicated
There comes a time when a television series is no longer a simple pleasure but a type of illness: when you cast a sheepish glance at your partner at midnight and he responds with...
'Life in Movement' by Bryan Mason and Sophie Hyde 
in national release, 12 April
'Life in Movement' by Bryan Mason and Sophie Hyde
Tanja Liedtke’s name was suddenly everywhere in May 2007, when she was appointed artistic director of Sydney Dance Company. The 29-year-old dancer and choreographer claimed to be...
Carl Vine, 2011. © Keith Saunders. Image courtesy of Musica Viva.
Meeting composer Carl Vine
Right composition
Many years ago in Sydney, moments before I was due on stage, the stage manager breezily mentioned that the composer might be in the audience. I fled to the bathroom and locked the...
'Mrs Carey’s Concert', By Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond (directors),In national release
‘Mrs Carey’s Concert’ by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond
Mrs Carey’s Concert, a new documentary by Bob Connolly (of Rats in the Ranks and Facing the Music) and Sophie Raymond, offers a familiar narrative archetype: it’ll be all right on...
The Sydney Symphony’s Mahler Cycle
Classical complex
In the summer of 1910, Gustav Mahler consulted Sigmund Freud, seeking advice on his troubled marriage. “Mahler gave me the impression of being a genius,” Freud recalled, “yet at...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
“Are you OK, dear?” the nurse asks. Whether I am OK is hardly the issue, when we are surrounded by people screaming. They are trapped in cages behind closed doors; the sounds they...
The ANAM Piano Festival
Last year, when Peter Garrett announced the withdrawal of funding from the Australian National Academy of Music, he must have been startled by the response. He received an open...
Jazz pianist Andrea Keller
To get to Melbourne's Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, you have to drive down Little Lonsdale Street and park by the church. It is dark down there, and the laneway across the road is even...
Oliver Sacks’s ‘Musicophilia’
Some years ago, on a break from an extended piano tour, I spent a weekend on the Aran Islands, off the coast of Ireland. After weeks of practice and performance I found the...
Melbourne’s International Chamber Music Competition
Like love in a marriage
The first time I entered an international music competition I was 17. My entire future as a pianist seemed to hinge upon its outcome - and by extension, according to the...
Norman Lebrecht’s ‘Maestros, Masterpieces and Madness’
Ein Schwindel!
Classical music is dying again. It's a morbid habit that it just can't shake, at least according to Norman Lebrecht, who has built a career as classical music's Jeremiah, or...
Evgeny Kissin’s ‘Fantasy’
Do androids dream of electric pianos?
The first time I heard the pianist Evgeny Kissin was in Carnegie Hall, in 1998, with the Met Orchestra and James Levine. Kissin is pale and grave and a little like Mr Bean, with a...
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The Beast of Beethoven
The first person we met in Townsville was Kirtley Leigh Payne, the Barrier Reef Orchestra's glamorous guest concertmaster. She had been chauffeured from her home in Cairns by...
Series six of ‘The West Wing’
A change is gonna come
Many West Wing fans tuned out permanently from the show at the end of series four, after writer-creator Aaron Sorkin's spectacular exit. In retrospect, Sorkin's prolificness...