Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey
Amanda Lohrey is the author of The Reading Group, Camille’s BreadA Short History of Richard Kline, and the Quarterly Essays Groundswell and Voting for Jesus.

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‘Appetites for Thought’ by Michel Onfray


Trans. Donald Barry and Stephen Muecke; Reaktion Books; $40

The new Greens


Richard Di Natale and a new leadership team hit the mainstream

A welcome contradiction


Gambler and MONA founder David Walsh has written a book

Malcolm Turnbull, the prince of moderation

Liberal Party

How the Liberal Party has exiled its last reasonable man

Clive Palmer the trickster

Australian Politics

The Palmer United Party are anti-politics wildcards in Parliament

The Tasmanian election


The ALP, the Libs, the Greens, the split

Subtropical beech forest, northern NSW © Paul Curtis

Germaine Greer’s ‘White Beech’

The hero of this story is a tree or rather a species of tree

Andrew Wilkie’s re-election campaign

Australian Politics

In the 2007 election, Andrew Wilkie was a Greens senate candidate, no. 2 on the Tasmanian ticket behind Bob Brown. On a campaign drive around the state, Wilkie stopped overnight at the house of a Greens supporter in the seaside town of St Helens. The …

Fracking and food security


The Greens chase the farming vote