Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a highly acclaimed Australian writer. He is the author of Lovesong, Journey to the Stone Country, Landscape of Farewell and Autumn Laing. He won the 2012 Melbourne Prize for Literature for his “outstanding contribution” to Australian culture.

Articles by this author

Görlitzer Park, Berlin. © Cristiano Corsini
We are sitting at a table by the window. The street is deserted except for a group of black men standing at the entrance to the park, as if they are on duty, or perhaps are...
Celebrations in Sofia: the Day of Bulgarian Culture and Slavic Letters, 24 May 1968. © Keystone-France/Getty Images
Letter to a Bulgarian friend
Dear Boris, You tell me you are living in Chirpan again, the town where you were born. That you have returned there after 35 years away. I still see Chirpan, low to the horizon...
Brisbane, 1974 © Bruce Postle
The Queensland floods
I was a young stockman of 16 on a cattle station in the Central Highlands of Queensland in 1954 when the great flood occurred in the Fitzroy River catchment. The sky turned black–...