Adam Rivett

Adam Rivett is Melbourne-based writer. He has written for the Australian, the Australian Book Review and Seizure.

Articles by this author

Cover of The Library
Stuart Kells celebrates book collections real and imagined, tangible and intangible
The treasures and pleasures of bibliophiles in ‘The Library’
About a month or two ago, at a Hawthorn street fair otherwise dominated by children on rides and overpriced food, I found a first edition of Patrick White’s The Burnt...
With each season, ‘Better Call Saul’ feels more like a corrective to ‘Breaking Bad’
A new career in a new town, just like the old career in the old town
The third season of Better Call Saul ended last week. Its final episode was for the most part a melancholy affair, its final scene at once shocking and, retrospectively, grimly...