August 2010

Parliament House, Canberra. © JJ Harrison

State politics

The hollowmen

Australia's first prime minister, Edmund Barton, addresses the nation, Sydney, 1901. From the book 'Souvenir of the inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth', circa 1901. Courtesy of the National Library of Australia.
China’s quarry

International politics

China’s quarry

Duty of care

Family and relationships

Duty of care

A reunion of the 'Dunera' boys, held in Melbourne, November 1984. Photo by Henry Talbot. Courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

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Julia Gillard

I’m not naive, you know, I’m not Doris Day who’s just somehow parachuted into Canberra. I had to fight hard to get preselected, I had to play a factional game to do that, I had to count numbers, I had to make deals and I’d do all of that again tomorrow if I needed to. – Julia Gillard, 2006



Science and technology

Not rocket science

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Arthur Delbridge (seated) with, from left, David Blair, John Bernard and Susan Butler, 1981. © National Library of Australia


Infinite Anthology

Adventures in lexiconia

Strange beasts

Strange beasts

Sonya’s Hartnett’s ‘Midnight Zoo’

Theatre of operations

Theatre of operations

Richard Linklater’s ‘Me and Orson Welles’ and Nadia Tass’s ‘Matching Jack’

Justine Clark (Ally) with Lincoln Younes (Romeo) and Eva Lazzaro (Gigi) in a scene from 'Tangle'.

Connective tissue

‘Tangle’ (Season Two) and ‘Spirited’

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'Rocks in the Belly' by Jon Bauer, Scribe, 304pp; $32.95
'Brisbane' by Matthew Condon, UNSW Press, 312pp; $29.95
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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz