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Friday, November 26, 2021

Archer becomes the target

Morrison yet again undermines a female MP, while publicly showing “support”




The fossil-fuel industry’s grip on Australian hearts and minds

Is there hope that public misconceptions of the importance of coal and gas can be overcome?

The unhinged pursuit of profit is destroying us

To undo the worst of neoliberalism we need to target need, rather than race or identity

Indigenous rights

The stunted country

There can be no republic without constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians

National security

On Her Majesty’s secret disservice

The reporter who uncovered the truth about Kim Philby, the 20th century’s most infamous spy, and his warnings for democratic society


The artist making sculpture for penguins

How creating sculpture for animals is transforming wildlife conservation and the art world

Online Latest


End of the road: The Anthony Bourdain documentary ‘Roadrunner’

Morgan Neville’s posthumous examination of the celebrity chef hews close to the familiar narrative


Cricketing institutions are on a sticky wicket

Tim Paine’s sexting scandal reveals more about institutional failures than personal ones


At the end of our rope

The prime minister’s belated response to death threats against political leaders is a sign of our dangerously hollowed-out politics

Law and order

The legal system is failing survivors of sexual violence, so why is it being maintained?

Faced with the choice between a gruelling court process or nothing, victim-survivors are often coming away more bruised from the experience than they were beforehand

The Nation Reviewed

Indigenous rights

The truth about truth-telling

Revisiting trauma is not the road to justice for Aboriginal people

History of Australia

Did Federation compromise our democracy?

How the advent of Australia’s national government separated power from people and place


Declaration of independents

The success of Indi MP Helen Haines points to more non-aligned voices in parliament


Echidna poo has changed our understanding of human evolution

Citizen science is not only helping echidna conservation, but changing how we think about evolution


The Vox Owl

A homemade algorithm chooses every book I read

How a monumental to-read list turned into a spreadsheet that randomly selects books

Arts & Letters


Oh, carols!

The music of Christmas, from the manger to the chimney


Abbotsford I

New poetry, after lockdowns


Final sentence: Gerald Murnane’s ‘Last Letter to a Reader’

The essay anthology that will be the final book from one of Australia’s most idiosyncratic authors


New kid on the block: The Kid Laroi

How Australia has overlooked its biggest global music star, an Indigenous hip-hop prodigy


The Bond market: ‘Dune’ and ‘No Time To Die’

Blockbuster season begins with a middling 007 and a must-see sci-fi epic



‘Crossroads’ by Jonathan Franzen

The acclaimed US author’s latest novel is a 1971 church drama modelled on ‘Middlemarch’



The US drama about teen plane-crash survivors is a heady mix of folk horror and high-school betrayal

In Light of Recent Events


Let’s colour our post-lockdown existential crisis summer by numbers!



How Pauline Hanson fractured the Coalition

Paul Bongiorno on why the Coalition is in chaos, and the political ramifications it will have for Scott Morrison.

HOST Ruby Jones
GUEST Paul Bongiorno


Inside Australia’s most dangerous hotel

7am producer Elle Marsh on who is responsible for protecting the detainees, and why the government should have seen this outbreak coming.

HOST Ruby Jones
GUEST Elle Marsh


The historic reforms to sexual consent laws

Saxon Mullins on the push to update Australia’s laws around sexual assault, and why it’s taking so long.

HOST Ruby Jones
GUEST Saxon Mullins