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The alluring world of Liane Moriarty

Australia’s bestselling author isn’t interested in repeating herself

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Pub test: ‘Who?’ for Wentworth


The stakes are ridiculously high in tomorrow’s by-election

At the gateway to Cape Fear

Tired of Winning

After the storm, North Carolina is a glimpse into a climate-changed future

Feliks Zemdegs, Rubik’s champion


Meet the world’s fastest cuber

The personal is political in ‘The Insult’


Ziad Doueiri’s tense film excavates Lebanon’s violent past

Lady Gaga mesmerises in the uneven ‘A Star Is Born’


After a beguiling first act, director Bradley Cooper struggles to maintain momentum

The Detectives


Inside the hunt for the Black Saturday arsonist – an extract


American Dispatches by Richard Cooke

American politics and society has rarely, if ever, been as tumultuous as it is today.

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Blowing up the government to save it

The Coalition has learnt nothing from Labor’s leadership disaster

The artistic revival at Papunya Tjupi Arts

Women painters are bringing the focus back to the birthplace of the Western Desert movement

Feliks Zemdegs, Rubik’s champion

Meet the world’s fastest cuber

Performing the Anthropocene

Scientists, anthropologists and artists gather to make sense of the Earth’s new era

The Monthly Essays

Drugs: on medication, legalisation and pleasure

What role can cannabis and psychedelics play in modern medicine?

A golden age of popular Indigenous storytelling

Against the blinding whiteness on Australian stage and screens

The alluring world of Liane Moriarty

Australia’s bestselling author isn’t interested in repeating herself

The Monthly Awards 2018

Highlights of the year in Australian arts and culture

Arts & Letters

Barron Field and the myth of terra nullius

How a minor poet made a major historical error

A man and his bear: Marc Forster’s ‘Christopher Robin’

Adults will find this new tale of Winnie the Pooh surprisingly moving

Eternally Cher

The queen of reinvention turns her attention to the works of ABBA


‘The End’ by Karl Ove Knausgaard The ‘My Struggle’ series arrives at a typically exhausting conclusion By Stephanie Bishop

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