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The Monthly — March 2018

The Latest

Baklava test: Barnaby Joyce resigns


Hopefully politics will now get a little less sexy

The Story of Shit


A cultural, scientific and historical account of shit: a Midas Dekkers book extract

Sanctuary without secrecy: a new women’s refuge


A new approach to making those experiencing family violence feel safe

A revealing portrait of Leonardo da Vinci


Walter Isaacson’s new biography is a study of crippling perfection and obsessive observation

What happened to indie music


From Neutral Milk Hotel to Justin Timberlake

The Monthly — March 2018

The Nation Reviewed

Taking stock of #MeToo

How do we make sense of such a complex movement?

Held to account

Why is the cost of banking in remote communities so high?

Patient simulation

Some actors intentionally suffer for their art

Aussie Rules 2018 in names only

A fundamental analysis of this year’s player lists

The Monthly — March 2018

The Monthly Essays

Nick Kyrgios: talent to burn

Five short pieces about one of tennis’s most misunderstood players

On borrowed time

Reflections on a life lived in the shadow of mortality

The Monthly — March 2018

The Medicine

What the hell was I afraid of?

Dissecting the complex power structures we all inhabit


The Monthly — March 2018

Arts & Letters

The NGV Triennial

A new exhibition series’ first instalment delivers a heady mix of populism and politics

Robin Campillo’s ‘BPM’

The French-Moroccan director presents a clear-eyed portrayal of true activism during the AIDS epidemic

Ivo van Hove: It’s only theatre

The prolific director is bringing jumbotron Shakespeare to the Adelaide Festival


In light of recent events

Hey, ladies!
Check out these #MeToo-era Tinder profiles you may have missed.

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