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The Monthly Today
Boring for Australia
A fascinating political experiment is taking place
Sean Kelly

Cinema is dead, yet it lives

David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ shatters the tedium of prestige television
Luke Goodsell

The politics of memoir

Yanis Varoufakis’ ‘Adults in the Room’ offers an insider’s view of the Greek financial crisis
Elle Hardy
Arts & Letters / Art

The state of our art

What does ‘The National’ say about contemporary Australian art?
Julie Ewington

Deconstructive criticism

‘Wild Bore’ at the Malthouse Theatre is an irreverent criticism of criticism itself
Alison Croggon

Fairfax is under threat again

Quick action is needed if public-interest journalism is to survive
Ranald Macdonald

The non-existent coup

The rumours of Anthony Albanese’s leadership challenge have been greatly exaggerated
Mungo MacCallum

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  1. The Monthly Today
    Boring for Australia
    A fascinating political experiment is taking place
    Sean Kelly
  2. Cinema is dead, yet it lives
    David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ shatters the tedium of prestige television
    Luke Goodsell
  3. The Nation Reviewed
    Sex and Secrets in Public Parks
    The Beat Goes On
    Sonya Hartnett
    Sex and Secrets in Public Parks. Illustration by Jeff Fisher
  4. The Monthly Essays
    The usual suspects
    ‘Quadrant’ at 50
    Martin Krygier


Grandfathering the Australian dream. Image of a broken key
The Monthly Essays
Grandfathering the Australian dream
House prices, superannuation deals, tax breaks … Who can afford a stake in today’s society?
Richard Denniss
A job half undone. Illustration
A job half undone
Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must be more than just tokenism
Noel Pearson
The new Forgotten People. Illustration
The new Forgotten People
The wider cost of Australia’s housing affordability crisis
Judith Brett
SOS. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Brutalist masterpiece or harbour eyesore? Sydney’s Sirius building faces an uncertain future
David Neustein


The school-shopping list
Private, public, state, selective … the trials of choosing a high school
Fran Cusworth
One step beyond
What would it take to modernise Alcoholics Anonymous?
Jenny Valentish
The Medicine
The next big thin
Dissecting dietary fads and habits
Karen Hitchcock
The snip. © Eraxion / iStock
The Monthly Essays
The snip
It’s a simple procedure, but having a vasectomy can raise questions of masculinity and equality
Ceridwen Dovey


Lowlife in the suburbs. Still from Hounds of Love
Arts & Letters / Film

Lowlife in the suburbs

Ben Young’s ‘Hounds of Love’ presents horror in all-too-familiar surrounds
Shane Danielsen
‘Anything Is Possible’ by Elizabeth Strout. Cover of Anything Is Possible

‘Anything Is Possible’ by Elizabeth Strout

Viking; $29.99
Helen Elliott
‘Men Without Women’ by Haruki Murakami. Cover of Men Without Women

‘Men Without Women’ by Haruki Murakami

Harvill Secker; $35
Stephanie Bishop
Arts & Letters / Music

Time Lords

The Radiophonic Workshop, creator of those ‘Doctor Who’ sound-effects, is back
Anwen Crawford
Arts & Letters / Art

Sensory cycles

‘Van Gogh and the Seasons’ at the National Gallery of Victoria
Sebastian Smee

Mark Frost and Sherilyn Fenn on truth, mystery and ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

The groundbreaking series’ co-creator and co-star discuss its enduring appeal and new season
Andy Hazel

The notebooks of icons

Joan Didion’s ‘South and West’ only scratches at the surface of America’s complex Southern states
Elle Hardy


Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company’s co-production of ‘Away’ explores the shadows of Gow’s sunny and much-loved text
Alison Croggon

The particular lives of ‘Certain Women’

Kelly Reichardt’s latest film is another quiet triumph
Anwen Crawford


Nature 2.0. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Nature 2.0
Saving Australia’s smallest freshwater fish
Nicole Gill
The tallest tree. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The tallest tree
Brett Mifsud is saving Australia’s tallest trees
Patrick Witton
Making tracks. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Making tracks
The restoration of Mt Wellington’s Organ Pipes track requires painstaking work
Josephine Rowe
Fish have feelings too. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Fish have feelings too
Under-the-sea society is much more complex than we imagine
James Bradley


The shorter working week can work
It’s time to take the four-day work week seriously
Emma Dawson
The new black. Image of a restaurant
The Monthly Essays
The new black
The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common
Ann Arnold
Arrested development. Image of James Packer
The Monthly Essays
Arrested development
James Packer has been down, but he’s not out
Richard Cooke
A game theory. James Lovatt
The Monthly Essays
A game theory
Lovatts Crosswords gave its profits to employees. What went wrong?
Richard Cooke