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Turnbull, Abbott, rinse, repeat. Source
The Monthly Today
Turnbull, Abbott, rinse, repeat
The former PM was back to his usual tricks today
Sean Kelly
A near-impossible sell. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed

A near-impossible sell

Sprout farmer Bruce Adams has created one of Australia’s more unlikely oversized highway attractions
Patrick Witton
Surveying the scene. Mervyn Bishop
Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pours soil into the hands of traditional land owner Vincent Lingiari, Northern Territory 1975 type R3 photograph

Surveying the scene

Art Gallery of NSW celebrates the work of iconic Indigenous photographer Mervyn Bishop
Stephanie Bishop
The Monthly Essays

Country needs people

Mapping and minding shared lands
Kim Mahood

Breaking with tradition

Writing into the Marvel canon from the outside
Roxane Gay
The Nation Reviewed

Age-old hate

Anti-Semitism is on the rise
Richard Cooke

A simple case of arithmetic

Turnbull isn’t the only Liberal avoiding mathematical reality
Mungo MacCallum

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  1. The Monthly Today
    A super poor decision
    Malcolm Turnbull shouldn’t have promoted Peter Dutton
    Sean Kelly
    A super poor decision. Source
  2. The Nation Reviewed
    A near-impossible sell
    Sprout farmer Bruce Adams has created one of Australia’s more unlikely oversized highway attractions
    Patrick Witton
    A near-impossible sell. Illustration
  3. The Monthly Essays
    Killing our media
    The impact of Facebook and the tech giants
    Nick Feik
    Killing our media. Facebook CEO and chairman Mark Zuckerberg at the APEC CEO Summit 2016 in Lima, Peru


He who must not be named. Source
He who must not be named
Turnbull cannot ignore Abbott and hope the problem magically disappears
Mungo MacCallum
The Greens’ colour wars. Source
The Greens’ colour wars
Is the factional infighting just growing pains or symptomatic of an identity crisis?
Mungo MacCallum
To walk in two worlds. Illustration
To walk in two worlds
The Uluru Statement is a clear and urgent call for reform
Megan Davis
The handshake. Illustration
The handshake
Could Donald Trump finally force Australia to critically examine its feudal obligations to the US?
Don Watson


The Medicine
A pain in the tooth
What happened to Australia’s publicly funded dental system?
Karen Hitchcock
A few questions before you go
How do we decide how we die?
Steven Amsterdam
Word wranglers. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Word wranglers
Meet the team behind the Macquarie Dictionary
Darryn King
The school-shopping list
Private, public, state, selective … the trials of choosing a high school
Fran Cusworth


Modern family. © Daniel Boud

Modern family

Does the playful transgression of Caryl Churchill’s ‘Cloud Nine’ still have the capacity to shock?
Harry Windsor

Bleak house

‘Lady Macbeth’ is a cold and confronting take on the period drama
Harry Windsor

Resistance is futile

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a modern lesson in repression but ignores wider, more complex issues
Elle Hardy

A modern woman

State Theatre Company South Australia updates Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ for contemporary Australia
Jane Howard

A voice of a generation

Briohny Doyle’s ‘Adult Fantasy’ looks at the increasingly blurred definition of adulthood in the 21st century
Marta Skrabacz

Lives of leisure

Robert Dessaix’s ‘The Pleasures of Leisure’ is a 21st-century defence of idleness
Helen Elliott

The big escape

On Cory Taylor and her classic novel
Benjamin Law
Arts & Letters / Film

Sweeping us up

Jennifer Peedom’s ‘Mountain’ is a meditation on the allure of the climb
Sebastian Smee
Arts & Letters / Books

Her eloquent heart

Arundhati Roy’s ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ was worth the 20-year wait
Helen Elliott


Nature 2.0. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Nature 2.0
Saving Australia’s smallest freshwater fish
Nicole Gill
The tallest tree. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The tallest tree
Brett Mifsud is saving Australia’s tallest trees
Patrick Witton
Making tracks. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Making tracks
The restoration of Mt Wellington’s Organ Pipes track requires painstaking work
Josephine Rowe
Fish have feelings too. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Fish have feelings too
Under-the-sea society is much more complex than we imagine
James Bradley


Grandfathering the Australian dream. Image of a broken key
The Monthly Essays
Grandfathering the Australian dream
House prices, insecure work and growing debts … Who can afford a stake in today’s society?
Richard Denniss
The shorter working week can work
It’s time to take the four-day work week seriously
Emma Dawson
The new black. Image of a restaurant
The Monthly Essays
The new black
The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common
Ann Arnold
Arrested development. Image of James Packer
The Monthly Essays
Arrested development
James Packer has been down, but he’s not out
Richard Cooke