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Turnbull’s mental challenge. Source
The Monthly Today
Turnbull’s mental challenge
It’s been a terrible month for the government
Sean Kelly
Looking for Joseph Merrick. Image of Daniel Monks as Joseph Merrick

Looking for Joseph Merrick

Malthouse Theatre’s ‘The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man’ runs the risk of erasing its protagonist
Alison Croggon

The united colours of Besson

Luc Besson discusses humanity, utopia and his latest film, ‘Valerian’
Luke Goodsell

Misogyny floats

The second season of ‘Top of the Lake’ once again battles male sexual and psychological violence
Steve Dow
The Nation Reviewed

Foresters of the skies

The grey-headed flying fox faces a perilous nightly journey
Arnold Zable

‘Bennelong’ by Bangarra Dance Theatre

Sydney Opera House (touring Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne)
Fiona McGregor

The buck stops here

Who will take the blame for the Commonwealth Bank’s latest scandal?
Mungo MacCallum

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  1. The Monthly Today
    The long view
    As Laurie Oakes retires, politicians could do worse than reflect on history
    Sean Kelly
    The long view. Source
  2. The Monthly Essays
    The art of dependency
    The NDIS promised choice and control
    Micheline Lee
    The art of dependency. Artwork by Micheline Lee
  3. The Monthly Essays
    The Australian right is startling for its incoherence
    Richard Cooke
    Alt-wrong. Image of Pauline Hanson


Bad sports
What is Foxtel doing with $30 million of taxpayers’ money?
Mungo MacCallum
Crashing the party. Australian Greens leader Bob Brown announcing his resignation on 13 April 2012
The Monthly Essays
Crashing the party
The Greens should be celebrating their 25th birthday
Paddy Manning
He will never stop. Illustration
He will never stop
Tony Abbott seems determined to wreck the clean energy target
Judith Brett
Debt. Recovery.. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Debt. Recovery.
A parliamentary committee’s report on the Centrelink robo-debt debacle makes for damning reading
Alex McKinnon


Screen time, all the time. Image of child looking at screen
The Monthly Essays
Screen time, all the time
Do smart devices in classrooms help kids learn?
Russell Marks
Lessons from camels. © Juniors Bildarchiv GmbH / Alamy
Lessons from camels
A ten-day camel trek through the South Australian outback. With your parents.
Robert Skinner
Back to where I came from
A trip to Iran brings a senator face to face with the life that could have been
Sam Dastyari
Not-so-Tasmanian tiger. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Not-so-Tasmanian tiger
The thylacine is thought be extinct. Might it still be found in mainland Australia?
Anthony Ham


The glow of nostalgia

Viewers are embracing new technology to watch shows that tap into a yearning for a pre-digital age
Myke Bartlett

The resurrection of Morris West

Australia’s biggest-selling author is largely unknown to contemporary readers – but that’s about to change
Simon Caterson

A new location, familiar terrain

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan bring their signature banter – and talk of mortality – on ‘The Trip to Spain’
Anwen Crawford

Where we live

Ian Strange’s latest exhibition, ‘ISLAND’, explores our complex relationship with the family home
Richard King
Arts & Letters / Music

On the road again

Jen Cloher’s self-titled album is a unique take on the trials of a touring musician
Anwen Crawford
Arts & Letters / Theatre

A crucible of memory

La Mama, one of Australia’s most influential theatre companies, turns 50
Alison Croggon
Arts & Letters / Art

Wonder, invention, anger and dejection

‘Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial’ at Canberra’s National Gallery of Australia
Sebastian Smee
Arts & Letters / Film

Under the covers

David Lowery’s ‘A Ghost Story’ successfully combines sorrow, absurdity and the supernatural
Luke Davies

‘Being Here: The Life of Paula Modersohn-Becker’ by Marie Darrieussecq

Trans. Penny Hueston; Text Publishing; $24.99
Helen Elliott


Country needs people. Image of Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area, 2013
The Monthly Essays
Country needs people
Mapping and minding shared lands
Kim Mahood
Nature 2.0. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Nature 2.0
Saving Australia’s smallest freshwater fish
Nicole Gill
The tallest tree. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The tallest tree
Brett Mifsud is saving Australia’s tallest trees
Patrick Witton
Making tracks. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Making tracks
The restoration of Mt Wellington’s Organ Pipes track requires painstaking work
Josephine Rowe


Grandfathering the Australian dream. Image of a broken key
The Monthly Essays
Grandfathering the Australian dream
House prices, insecure work and growing debts … Who can afford a stake in today’s society?
Richard Denniss
The shorter working week can work
It’s time to take the four-day work week seriously
Emma Dawson
The new black. Image of a restaurant
The Monthly Essays
The new black
The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common
Ann Arnold
Arrested development. Image of James Packer
The Monthly Essays
Arrested development
James Packer has been down, but he’s not out
Richard Cooke