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The art of biography. Image of Patrick White
The Monthly Essays
The art of biography
The author stays out of the picture, and other personal rules of writing
David Marr
Green fields and blue sky. Photo by Paddy Manning
The Monthly Essays

Green fields and blue sky

Is Nick Cleary’s ambitious CLARA project the answer to Australia’s fast-rail question?
Paddy Manning
The second coming. Image of a Trump campaign rally in Michigan
The Monthly Essays

The second coming

The politics of rage won’t let us listen to one another
Christos Tsiolkas

The Centrelink summer

The government will be scorched unless it acts soon
Nick Feik

Dabiq and the Islamic State massacres

How precisely is this kind of permanent terror to be explained?
Robert Manne

The 20 most-read Monthly articles of 2016

What captured the imagination of our readers this year?
The Monthly
Arts & Letters / Books

The narrator

In Zadie Smith’s new novel ‘Swing Time’, identity is always under construction
Helen Elliott

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  1. The Monthly Essays
    The second coming
    The politics of rage won’t let us listen to one another
    Christos Tsiolkas
    The second coming. Image of a Trump campaign rally in Michigan
  2. The Nation Reviewed
    Sex and Secrets in Public Parks
    The Beat Goes On
    Sonya Hartnett
    Sex and Secrets in Public Parks. Illustration by Jeff Fisher
  3. The Nation Reviewed
    Lee Lin’s double life
    Lee Lin Chin’s rise from SBS newsreader to queen of satire
    Benjamin Law
  4. The Monthly Essays
    Guns for hire
    The surprising role of Australians in the rise of private security companies
    James Brown
    Guns for hire. The Academi (formerly Blackwater) camp in the Great Dismal Swamp, North Carolina
  5. The Monthly Essays
    Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped
    The political empire of the News Corp chairman
    Robert Manne
    Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped. Rupert Murdoch, 2012 © Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters


The national broadside
The Australian’s campaign against Gillian Triggs is another in a long line of crude culture-war offensives
Robert Manne
A pox on both your houses. Image of Pauline Hanson
The Monthly Essays
A pox on both your houses
How can the major parties address the rise of populism in Australia?
Andrew Charlton and Lachlan Harris
Australia divided. Illustration
Australia divided
The electorate has fractured into three economic and cultural zones
George Megalogenis
Duterte’s dirty war. Prisoners in the holding cells at Tondo police station, Manila
The Monthly Essays
Duterte’s dirty war
A trip to the Philippines reveals the human cost of the war on drugs
Margaret Simons


Rhodes dollars. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Rhodes dollars
The Rhodes Scholarship is slowly embracing diversity
Zoë Morrison
Malcolm Turnbull: A brief lament. Illustration
Malcolm Turnbull: A brief lament
The climate-science champion of 2010 has morphed into the fossil-fuel supporter of 2016
Robert Manne
Looking for moles. Image of surveillance of David Combe
Arts & Letters / Books
Looking for moles
The third volume in ASIO’s official history confirms infiltration by Soviet intelligence
David McKnight
The hand of faith. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The hand of faith
In 1980 a giant gold nugget changed the Hillier family’s fortunes
Lisa Clausen


A new world for the making. Image of Ram’s Head, Blue Morning Glory by Georgia O’Keefe
Arts & Letters / Art

A new world for the making

‘O’Keefe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism’ brings together three giants of modernism
Julie Ewington
A moveable feast. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed

A moveable feast

What does it take to transform the National Gallery of Australia into the Palace of Versailles?
Quentin Sprague
Through the dark glass. Still from Black Mirror
Arts & Letters / Television

Through the dark glass

Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ is ‘The Twilight Zone’ for our tech-obsessed times
Luke Davies
Arts & Letters / Music

Towards joy

Pop music is more than lyrics on a page
Anwen Crawford

‘Nude: Art from the Tate Collection’

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, until 5 February
Julie Ewington

‘A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women’ by Siri Hustvedt

Sceptre; $32.99
Kevin Rabalais
Arts & Letters / Poetry

Instructions for a lover

A poem
Sarah Holland-Batt
Arts & Letters / Poetry


A poem
Sarah Holland-Batt
Arts & Letters / Music

A survival guide for outsiders

Australian hip-hop artist Tkay Maidza brings a lifetime on the move to her debut album, ‘Tkay’
Anwen Crawford


Feeding  the  beast. Image of the Condamine River on fire
The Monthly Essays
Feeding  the  beast
Billion-dollar burnouts keep emissions rising
Richard Denniss
An island ark. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
An island ark
A cat-detection team is doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island
Nicole Gill
A companionable rooster. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
A companionable rooster
Why are our pets so pampered?
Anne Manne
Grave Barrier Reef. Coral bleaching at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, March 2016
The Monthly Essays
Grave Barrier Reef
The coral bleaching signals a defining environmental shift
Jo Chandler


A game theory. James Lovatt
The Monthly Essays
A game theory
Lovatts Crosswords gave its profits to employees. What went wrong?
Richard Cooke
Bust  in  the  Pilbara. Image of mining workers flying from Perth
The Monthly Essays
Bust  in  the  Pilbara
A region returns to earth
Hamish McDonald
Crunch time. Image
The Monthly Essays
Crunch time
Australia’s car industry has met policy failure head-on
Richard Denniss
The revolting backbench. Illustration
The revolting backbench
Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest obstacle to tax reform is close to home
Richard Denniss