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October 2013

The Best of Australian Arts 2013

October 2012

The Best of Australian Arts 2012

Gough Whitlam & Enoch Powell

'Life in Movement' by Bryan Mason and Sophie Hyde

Akira Isogawa

The Bride Wore Black

Wim Delvoye at MONA

The Art of Ideas

October 2011

20 Australian masterpieces since 2000

'Autumn Laing' By Alex Miller

Meeting Mary Finsterer

What Happens Next

Meeting Andrew Fraser

Line of Appeal

Alice Neel and Louise Bourgeois

Bodying Forth

Lindsay & Kerry Clare - 'Gallery of Modern Art', Queensland, 2006

Architecture Masterpiece

Brian Blanchflower - 'Canopy LI (Scelsi I–IV)', 2001

Visual Art (Two-Dimensional) Masterpiece

Amelia Lester

I Heart New Yorker

Comment: ABC’s The Book Show and Ramona Koval

'The Mad Square: Modernity in German Art 1910–37'

Republic of Art

Stardust Memories: In Search of Real Italian Food

Lessons in Unlearning