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World War II

Charles MacKarras and the quest for authenticity
By Stephen Fay
Sir Neville Cardus, the legendary cricket writer and music critic, chose to spend the World War II years in Sydney rather than London. Young Australian musicians would seek him out at his home in Kings Cross and ask if he thought they would be able to make a career in Europe when the war was over. One young oboist
Plaques and decay. Can Kings Cross survive a $30 million facelift?
By Linda Jaivin
There’s something inescapably romantic about the idea of the Cross, that dirty half mile of Darlinghurst Road plus the suburbs of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo which fall away from its ridge. The Cross is a dream of poets and drunks and trannies, of a long night that winds
‘Dead Europe’, Christoas Tsiolkas, Vintage; $22.95
‘Dead Europe’ by Christos Tsiolkas
By Robert Manne
Cameron Forbes's 'Hellfire'
By Phillip Knightley
There comes a moment after a war when the politicians who made it and the generals who fought it and the soldiers who survived it have died or are dying and the truth finally emerges. We are in the middle of that moment now with the war between Australia and Japan, 1941–45. A spate of revisionist histories, of which