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Misogyny exerts a force on all our lives: Prime Minister Gillard with Kyle Sandilands © Sam Mooy/Newspix
‘Destroying the Joint’
By Robyn Annear
'Echo and Narcissus' (detail), 1903, John William Waterhouse
Confessions of a graphomaniac
By Linda Jaivin
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Murdoch’s Tweets of Doom
By Peter Conrad
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Amelia Lester
By Christine Kenneally
A Short History of the Media Future
By John Birmingham
The formal library, in contrast, has none of this. Occupying the centre of the original house, its one nod to modernity is a rather groovy white lampshade hanging in the centre of the room. The vast and intricate web of optical fibre and wiring, which forms a sort of nervous system for the rest of the house, courses
Out of Work in a Land of Plenty
By John Birmingham
The small, wiry and intense man who discovered his luck had run out on Black Friday is happy to be known by his internet handle, Havock21. Hundreds of people know him by that name, on Twitter, Xbox Live and the numerous blogs he visits, including mine. On his own blog, too, of course. There he has written about what