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Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Sally Neighbour
A young soldier at the Anzac Day morning service in Warnambool, Victoria, 2009. © Angela Milne / Fairfax
By Sally Neighbour
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Mahmoud Saikal and Kabul’s ‘New City’ Proposal
By Christopher Kremmer
Julian Assange holds a press conference on the 'Afghan War Diary' in London, 26 July 2010. © Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images
Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks
By John Birmingham
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Asylum Seekers
By Robert Manne
By John Birmingham
It might seem strange and contrary, but among the many surprising truths in Sebastian Junger’s brilliant evocation of 15 months, on and off, spent at the front in Afghanistan is the presence of love at the heart of war. The strong bond that can develop between soldiers has long been the stuff of literature, famously
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Hugh White
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Charles Firth
A Report From Afghanistan
By Chris Masters
My visit began in late May 2007. It was not yet summer, but at midnight the air-conditioning was still welcome. Over here even the tents are climate-controlled. Sleep does not come in large rations. At 2 am on my first morning we were mustered and stumbled towards a convoy of Bendigo-built Bushmasters. I met my driver
Travels through a hibernating war
By Debbie Whitmont
It's a winter morning and I'm standing on the tarmac of Kabul Airport, staring at the mountains that loom up from the end of the runway and being deafened by the rotors of four military helicopters. Last night, I stayed up too late watching some of the dozens of insurgency DVDs that pass from hand to hand
The Politics of Art in Australia
By Justin Clemens
Last year, in the mid-afternoon of 1 August, I snuck into the Melbourne Art Fair before it officially opened. I wanted to poke around, see what was going on and visit friends who were working there. A couple of guards were stationed on the main door, but I wandered innocently inside just as they were preventing a
David Hicks's cell in Guantanamo, and the book-free "library". Department of Defense.
The Punishment of David Hicks
By Alfred W McCoy
'Motherhood' by Anne Manne
By Maria Tumarkin
Before my daughter Billie was born almost nine years ago, there were all kinds of ways to insult me:Jenny Craig dropout; boring; mediocre; a lousy lay. Afterwards the only thing that really got to me was being called or thought of as a bad mother. Anxiety would consume me and I would feel both vicious and fragile. In
By Azhar Abidi
On a Saturday morning in Marree, south of Lake Eyre and on the fringe of central Australian desert country, four generations of cameleers are waiting for the town’s annual camel race to begin. Aysha, 94, scrutinises the animals with a professional eye. She is a delicate woman with a thin long face, criss-crossed with