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Noel Pearson and Tony Abbott
Ten years of struggle and success in indigenous Australia
By Noel Pearson
© Nick Moir / Fairfax Syndication
A life in accidents
By Tim Winton
By Marcia Langton
By Helen Garner
The insults of age had been piling up for so long that I was almost numb to them. The husband (when I still had one): “You’re not going out in that sleeveless top?” The grandchild: “Nanna, why are your teeth grey?” The pretty young publisher tottering along in her stilettos: “Are you right on these stairs, Helen?” The
By Tim Flannery
By Annabel Crabb
The mysteries of the microbiome
By Jo Chandler
By Karen Hitchcock
A week before the announcement that private health insurance premiums would rise by an average of 6.2% from 1 April, I sat in an audience of 200 or so doctors for my hospital’s weekly grand round. Everyone meets in a hall, stacks a plate with lunch and listens to what is usually an in-house lecture. This grand round
Is it possible that the world’s songbirds all come from Australia? Yes, according to biologist Tim Low in his fascinating ornithological history of Australia, Where Song Began. Low’s wonderfully readable book literally turns the map upside down and makes a compelling case for the origin of birds in the antipodes. Join
With his new book, Born Bad, historian James Boyce has turned his mind to the history of original sin. What Boyce discovers is a legacy of guilt that shadows us in the West even today – and not the guilt of doing wrong, but of being wrong. Join this controversial thinker in conversation with Dee Michell at Adelaide
For the 40th anniversary of one of Australia’s worst natural disasters, Sophie Cunningham has written a fascinating history of the event, Warning: The story of Cyclone Tracy. Drawing from eyewitness accounts of those who experienced the devastation, Cunningham has created an exhilarating and deeply compassionate
With The Third Plate, New York chef Dan Barber asks us to change the way we think about food. An early supporter of the farm-to-table philosophy, Barber now questions the ethos, which he argues cherry-picks ingredients and can be ecologically demanding. He now offers a solution for a more sustainable supply chain. He
New light on the wreck of the ‘Batavia’ and its savage aftermath
By Jeff Sparrow
Joe Hockey, Mathias Cormann and Kelly O'Dwyer gather around the Intergenerational Report in March. © Mick Tsikas / AAP
How economic modelling is used to circumvent democracy and shut down debate
By Richard Denniss
By Karen Hitchcock
After lunch at my mum’s house the other day, my brother and I walked around the corner to visit an old school friend we hadn’t seen for years. Pete had moved back into his childhood home when his parents left for a retirement village. He answered the door pelvis first, the stance he’d had since he was a kid, one that
Even tattoos don’t last forever any more
By Alice Pung
Child survivors of the Holocaust meet in Melbourne
By Jaye Kranz
Fancy bottled water is sometimes worth the price
By Richard Cooke