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By James Boyce
Dying with dignity means different things to different people
By Karen Hitchcock
Before I started studying medicine, my grandmother was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. I had no idea what that was. “Scarring of the lungs,” she said. When I announced my plan to become a doctor, she was ecstatic with pride. She’d tell anyone who listened. Like the person scanning our
A postcard showing the interior of Stateville Correctional Centre, Illinois, modelled on Bentham’s Panopticon. Courtesy of Alex Wellerstein
Privacy is fast becoming a quaint old-fashioned thing
By Linda Jaivin
What is sickness, and how much of it is in our heads?
By Karen Hitchcock
I was recently asked to give a presentation about “what makes us sick”. Thinking about that question nearly made my head explode. It’s more like “What doesn’t make us sick?” My big inner-city hospital is overflowing with the sick. There are people who are in the orthopaedic ward
How doctors deal with drug companies
By Karen Hitchcock
It was midnight and I was lying awake in bed, thinking that I should have been a surgeon. If something went wrong, I could cut it out. No nonsense, a clear cut. We physicians just sit around trying to protect organs with a bunch of drugs. Protecting organs is like being a soldier in peacetime. You hang out, doodling
Can antibiotics really cure back pain?
By Karen Hitchcock
The last film of a flight-obsessed genius
By Luke Davies
© Darren Pateman / Fairfax Syndication
Can senior citizens bridge the digital divide?
By Robyn Annear
Why doctors second-guess themselves
By Karen Hitchcock
Transplants, out-of-body organs and limits to treatment
By Karen Hitchcock
On science, religion, politics and ideology
By Judith Brett
Fire, climate and denial
By Robert Kenny
Subtropical beech forest, northern NSW © Paul Curtis
The hero of this story is a tree or rather a species of tree
By Amanda Lohrey
The Melbourne teenager with the worldwide scoop
By Michaela McGuire
By the time their sentence ends, many inmates will have rarely made a decision for themselves © Peter Brennan / Newpsix
The release plan
By Kate Rossmanith
By Karen Hitchcock
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz