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Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The Rise of Cosmetic Medicine
By Tanveer Ahmed
Mates don't let mates slide into decadence and decay. IMAGE: Commonwealth of Australia
Address to the US President
By Don Watson
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Janette Turner Hospital
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Norfolk Island’s chickens
By Ashley Hay
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Melbourne Zoo at 150
By Christine Kenneally
Frank Moorhouse, the nation's Edith Wharton. © Steve Baccon/Fairfax Syndication
Frank Moorhouse’s ‘Cold Light’
By David Marr
Joan Didion alone with memories, 2005. © Kathy Willens/AP Photo
Joan Didion’s 'Blue Nights'
By Inga Clendinnen
People living with HIV and AIDS, Sydney Mardi Gras, 1990s. © William Yang
AIDS 30 years on
By Gail Bell
Odds on at the MCG, ANZAC Day 2009. © James Thomas. Image courtesy of Stadia Media.
The rise of the sports betting industry
By Jonathan Horn
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The Portuguese podengo
By Sonya Hartnett
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Dining at The Ledbury
By MJ Hyland
'I don't dig texting', 2009. © Zawezome/Flickr
Generation Text
By Guy Pearse
Mary Finister at work. © Michael Amendolia
Meeting Mary Finsterer
By Andrew Ford
Andrew Fraser. Image courtesy of Lindy Allen.
Meeting Andrew Fraser
By Jack Marx