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Joe Hockey, Mathias Cormann and Kelly O'Dwyer gather around the Intergenerational Report in March. © Mick Tsikas / AAP
How economic modelling is used to circumvent democracy and shut down debate
By Richard Denniss
Journalist and television presenter Geraldine Doogue interviewed women who lead the way in a range of fields for her book The Climb: Conversations with Australian women in power. Journalist and former politician Mary Delahunty was granted exclusive insider access to Prime Minister Julia Gillard during her last six
There is a jarring disconnect between social media–fuelled activism and general disenfranchisement with politics. How are journalists bridging the divide?   Madonna King (journalist and biographer of Joe Hockey), Mary Delahunty (author of Public Life, Private Grief and Gravity: Inside the PM’s office
By Nick Feik
Part 1 | Part 2 In this frank and enlightening conversation, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser discusses the guiding ideas and key moments of his political career (and subsequent...
Tanya Plibersek, Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese. © Neil Moore
Which hill is Labor’s light on again?
By Rachel Nolan
Our politicians have paltry ideas and express them poorly
By Don Watson
Cincinnatus Abandons the Plow To Dictate Laws in Rome (1806), by Juan Antonio Ribera
How online organisation can give power back to the people
By Tim Flannery and Catriona Wallace
The ‘Charlie Hebdo’ massacre is the latest in a long line of attacks on journalists
By Rafael Epstein
Life outside the detention centres on Manus Island
By Jo Chandler
Will Campbell Newman squander what began as a 71-seat majority?
By Mark Bahnisch
Love Makes a Way are taking a seat against asylum-seeker policy
By Stella Gray
Charlie Hebdo, free speech, multiculturalism and 18C
By Russell Marks
By Mungo MacCallum
What makes people driven by compassion support harsh refugee policies?
By André Dao
Is the western view of corruption in Indonesia a distortion of the reality? Join journalist Elizabeth Pisani and author Ahmad Fuadi in conversation with Misha Ketchell of The Conversation at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2014.
The government's assault on citizenship
By Alex Reilly