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© Peter Lindbergh
The face
By Karen de Perthuis
By Patrick Hartigan
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Shaddap you Facebook
By Joe Dolce
By Monthly Wire
'What’s in a Face? Aspects of Portrait Photography', Art Gallery of NSW - 24 September 2011 to 5 February 2012
Art Gallery of NSW - 24 September 2011 to 5 February 2012
By Sebastian Smee
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Terrence Malick’s 'The Tree of Life' and Julia Leigh’s 'Sleeping Beauty'
By Helen Garner
Urs Fischer, 'Untitled' – one of the wax sculptures presented by the artist at Venice. © Felix Hörhager/DPA/Corbis
The 54th Venice Biennale
By Sebastian Smee
Shaun Gladwell, 'Tangara', production still, 2003. (Photographer: Josh Raymond.) Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery.
Peter Robb on Shaun Gladwell
By Peter Robb
Building of Knox Grammar School, 1943. State Library of New South Wales
Knox Grammar’s Adrian Nisbett
By Malcolm Knox
Carrol Jerrems, 'Mirror with a Memory: Motel Room', 1977. Type C colour photograph, 23 x 18 centimetres. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. © Ken Jerrems and the Estate of Lance Jerrems
'Up Close'
By Peter Conrad
Alfred Stieglitz’s Lake George Years
By Peter Conrad
Alfred Stieglitz was the kind of man that Australia, more’s the pity, has never had. Here prophets come from the desert, as AD Hope once dryly remarked, which means they’re mostly too parched to say very much when they stumble out of the scrub into our coastal cities. And would anyone have listened if some crackpot
John Waters at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. © Alan Stevens/Flickr
John Waters
By Peter Conrad