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Paul Keating

Mural at Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre. © Dean Sewell / Oculi
Tragedy of Errors
By Robert Manne
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Fraser, Hawke, Keating and Howard in Retirement
By George Megalogenis
Greatness may be calling: Bob Hawke and Paul Keating in 1990. © Peter Morris/Fairfax Syndication
Lessons in leadership and Paul Keating
By George Megalogenis
Former Labor leader Mark Latham turned reporter for '60 Minutes', 2010. © Gary Ramage / Newspix / News Limited
By Julian Morrow
President Obama and the First Lady trade smiles with Her Majesty, April 2009. © Anwar Hussein / Getty Images
The Plight of the Windsors
By Peter Conrad
By Paul Barry
Burke struck me, during those two off-the-record conversations, as a rather pathetic figure, a man in denial. He seemed to be living in his own little bubble, no longer able to listen to anybody except his supporters. This stunning court victory reveals, though, just why he has stuck so close to friends and family.It’
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
New Labour & The ALP
By Tim Soutphommasane
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Alan Saunders
The Game of Politics
By Mungo MacCallum
In nineteenth-century Britain, politics was seen as a bit of a diversion from the real business of life: a sort of gap year (or years) taken by those who felt it was their duty to serve the public or at least give the public the benefit of their superior wisdom. There were, of course, the others: the time servers, the
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The History Wars
By Robert Manne
Jacqueline Kent's "The Making of Julia Gillard"
By Christine Wallace
If attention from biographers augurs well for a politician’s career, then Julia Gillard looks good for the Lodge when Kevin Rudd’s day is done. Rudd was the subject of two biographies in the run-up to becoming prime minister in 2007. Now Gillard is on the verge of that, too, with Jacqueline Kent’s The Making of Julia
Australia and the Indian Ocean
By John Birmingham
In the Australian imagination, for the most part, the future arrives every day from the east, where the sun’s first rays wash over the lighthouse at Byron Bay, before flooding across the thin green band of settlement running from the jungled tip of Queensland down to Hobart’s old world waterfront. It takes many hours
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Racism, Australian-Style
By Waleed Aly
Noel Pearson’s "Up from the Mission"
By Peter Sutton
Most Australians probably know Noel Pearson in just one or two of his aspects: as the regional leader, lawyer and activist from Cape York Peninsula, or as the national media commentator on Indigenous policy and politics. But his complexities, his gifts and possibly his flaws are Shakespearian in range. Most of the
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Mark Aarons
Eddie Perfect’s 'Shane Warne: The Musical'
By Gideon Haigh
Consider these three vignettes from the storied life of Shane Warne, involving something that happened, then something that didn't, then something that is. On 10 June 2000, London's Daily Mirror publishes front-page allegations that Warne harassed a nurse, whom he met in a nightclub in Leicester, by bombarding her
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By David Marr