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July 2013

Leaked report cites Pakistan’s failings before U.S. killed Bin Laden

June 2013

The Taliban's new role as Afghanistan's drug mafia

May 2013

Pakistani Taliban no.2 commander killed in US drone strike

May 2013

Pakistan: A new beginning?

May 2013

Nawaz Sharif's big victory in Pakistan

May 2013

A final twist in dramatic Pakistan election campaign

April 2013

The tragedies of other places

April 2013

7.8-magnitude earthquake hits near Iran-Pakistan border

February 2013

The Taliban's new, more terrifying cousin

January 2013

Pakistan and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

November 2012

Riding shotgun with Karachi' bullet-dodgers

October 2012

Can Malala bring peace to Pakistan and Afghanistan?

October 2012

Taliban says it shot Pakistani teen for advocating girls’ rights

September 2012

310 die in two Pakistan factory blazes

September 2012

Is Pakistan's hard line on blasphemy softening?

June 2012

Pakistani premier Gilani ousted from top office

April 2012

Troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan; Pakistan key to security

March 2012

Pakistan's next ruler