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Andrew Bolt and the Making of an Opportunist

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October 2011

Out of Control: More Bad News

October 2011

Andrew Bolt Profile in October issue

The Power of Rupert Murdoch and the Australian’s Editor-in-Chief

The United States of Chris Mitchell

July 2011

Defending News in Australia

July 2011

Laura Tingle: Murdoch finds bad news travels fast

May 2011

Slagging and bagging Blanchett

May 2011

Bob Brown vs The Press

April 2011

Phone hacks, Wikileaks and Superinjunctions: Media at the crossroads

February 2011

The Murdoch in waiting

The Future of Fairfax

Crises of Faith

Death Notice

Only Itself to Blame: The Church of Scientology

Rudd and the Murdoch Press


Forty-three Years at the ABC

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