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"Oh my": Twilight's Bella Swan, pre-fan fiction. © Summit Entertainment
EL James’ 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
By Malcolm Knox
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Child Beauty Pageants in Australia
By Julia Baird
The Gillard government is set to triple the number of Headspace youth mental health centres. © Jason South/Fairfax Photos
Choosing the Right Path for Adolescent Mental Health
By Lisa Pryor
Stephen Milne leads his St Kilda teammates in a recovery session, September 2008, Melbourne. © Stuart Mcevoy / Newspix / News Limited
Out of Bounds
By Anna Krien
Hans Keilson. © Martin Spieles / S Fischer Verlag
Hans Keilson’s 'The Death of the Adversary' and 'Comedy in a Minor Key'
By Inga Clendinnen
By Michelle de Kretser
In Thomas Hardy’s elegiac poem ‘During Wind and Rain’ there are “Clocks and carpets and chairs / On the lawn all day”. As any trawler of flea markets can attest, a terrible vulnerability attaches to private belongings exposed to public view. The pathos is heightened in Hardy’s poem because the owners of these “
Fashion's Coming of Age
By Clare Press
Those with an appreciation of the firm and youthful female form may be interested to ogle Terry Richardson’s photographs of the latest crop of young ‘supermodels’ in this year’s ‘Pirelli calendar’.Richardson is best known for creating raunchy ads for the likes of Gucci. Proclaimed “a modern Helmut Newton” by French
By Charles R Morris
I appreciate the opportunity to comment on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's recent essay. I find myself in virtually complete agreement with his analysis of the origins of the current economic crisis, its historic importance and the nature of the response that governments will be required to make. My comments will focus on
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Benjamin Law
Annie Proulx’s ‘Fine Just the Way It Is’
By Amanda Lohrey
The celebrated American writer Annie Proulx is now in her seventies, and it's possible to look back on her impressive list of publications and identify two distinct genres at work. The first of these is the comic novel of baroque folksiness that documents the culture of a remote regional community, as in her
Barack Obama speaks at American University. © Flickr/Will White
What he must do to win
By Noel Pearson
The future of journalism as a public trust
By Eric Beecher
"I don't want Rupert Murdoch to decide what belongs in the Wall Street Journal news pages. The essence of a great newspaper is independence, even from its proprietors and shareholders, and Murdoch, in the final analysis, hasn't come down on that side."- Peter Osnos, the Century Foundation"The Journal succeeds as a
Fred Hilmer’s 'The Fairfax Experience'
By Gideon Haigh
Twenty years ago next month, a rube was introduced to a crook, and the world of Australian newspapers was never the same. The naif was Warwick Fairfax, overeager heir to the 146-year-old newspaper dynasty John Fairfax & Sons; the knave was Laurie Connell, a businessman racy even by the elastic ethical standards of
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz