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New Orleans

Allen Toussaint © Gilles Petard/Redferns
Allen Toussaint and New Orleans
By Paul Kelly
By Geordie Williamson
Dave Eggers first met Abdulrahman Zeitoun during a visit to New Orleans, following the launch of Voices from the Storm, a volume of oral history published by McSweeney’s in late 2006. Zeitoun was just one of many narrators to reflect on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in that book’s pages. What made his
By Don Watson
Sixty-eight-year-old Lloyd Griffin sits on the verandah of his new house in New Orleans' once notorious Ninth Ward. The house is painted in startling deep orange with white trim, and the two-metre stilts on which it stands give Lloyd a view of the new levy on the canal. Workmen come and go, adding finishing
Don Watson’s ‘American Journeys’
By Delia Falconer
On YouTube, someone has posted a lovely compilation of the many train sequences in Yasujiro Ozu's films. Looking at this clip, you realise how well the director was able to use these dreamy but plainly framed shots as markers of time itself - of its gentle surety - within his stories. Only Japan's national railways,
Australian Architecture and the Venice Biennale
By Deyan Sudjic
Even among those people who do it for a living, there is a widely held belief that exhibiting architecture is an activity that stretches the limits of plausibility. You can never show the real thing, runs the received wisdom, so the best that you can hope for is a less-than-satisfactory representation of the subject.