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November 2013

My first mistake

November 2013

Thanksgiving in Mongolia

October 2013

My life as a young thug: How Mike Tyson became Mike Tyson

October 2013

Now we are five

February 2013

The new essayists

February 2013

My only secret admirer

'Montebello' by Robert Drewe

Fraser, Hawke, Keating and Howard in Retirement

Love thy Leader

In conversation with Robert Dessaix

As Robert Was Saying

November 2011

Elegy to the void: On Joan Didion

Joan Didion’s 'Blue Nights'

When the Centre Cannot Hold

AIDS 30 Years on

A Quiet Anniversary

'Autumn Laing' By Alex Miller

John Bell’s 'On Shakespeare'

Bowing to the Bard

A Correspondence with Clive James

Clean As You Go

September 2011

Assange loses control of his own memoir

'Her Father’s Daughter' By Alice Pung

Maybe Baby