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Race, recognition and a more complete Commonwealth
By Noel Pearson
What makes a litigant turn vexatious?
By Sam Bungey
Peter Sutton at a Wik outstation in 1977: “That period seems a little innocent now”. Photo courtesy of David Martin
An anthropologist hits the skids in Cape York
By Catherine Ford
Clive James, 2006. © David Levenson/Getty Images
A Correspondence with Clive James
By Paola Totaro
Geoffrey Robertson has had more than a mere brush with the law. © James Brickwood/Fairfax Syndication
Geoffrey Robertson’s Life in the Law
By Paola Totaro
Police officer Gwen Brown watches over the community in Ali Currung, Northern Territory, 2007. © Chris Crerar / Newspix / News Limited
Life after the Intervention
By Paul Toohey
Carlos the Jackal, France, c. 1970. © AFP / Getty Images
Olivier Assayas’ 'Carlos' and Terrorists in Film
By Kate Jennings
Photographers try to catch a glimpse of suspects arrested in raids across Sydney less than a week after the Howard government amended counterterrorism laws to make it easier for police arrests, 8 November 2005. © David Gray / Reuters
Our Intelligence Services
By Sally Neighbour
Goolarabooloo law man Joseph Roe on Cable Beach in Broome. © Simon Penn
Kimberley Politics
By Victoria Laurie
By Margaret Simons
By Paul Barry
The fictional version would have been far more fun: a factory burnt down to claim the insurance, politicians and businessmen cashing in on the scam, a suicidal stockbroker spilling Swiss bank secrets, and a beautiful girl thrown to her death to prevent her from talking. The final act would have seen the villains
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Malcolm Knox
By Guy Pearse
Glenn’s castle is not his house, but the public garden and war memorial into which his parents poured so much time and effort. “Mum had enormous empathy for our servicemen. A dressmaker during the war, she spent many mornings sewing military colours onto uniforms. She was pleased to do it for nothing.” There was a
By Paul Barry
Coe’s best mate, Gordon Fell, is just as bright and another paragon of virtue. The former Rhodes scholar, who made his millions selling property to super-fund investors, was a director of the Smith Family, chairman of Opera Australia and a trustee of Sydney Grammar School until his empire imploded in early 2008. “
The Methadone Program at 40
By Gail Bell
Two old hands who dose at the pharmacy where I work (a couple, Danny and Carla) have been using since they were 18. They are in their forties now, have raised their kids (the eldest is at university), and keep a neat house in the suburbs. This is their third go at methadone and they think they’ll stick with it this
By Paul Barry
To lure the high roller away from Las Vegas, where he was already losing millions – and to lock him into Crown – James Packer’s casino offered Kakavas free luxury accommodation, free food and drink, free limo travel and a private jet to ferry him from his home on the Gold Coast. It even flew him to
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Alan Saunders