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February 2012

My debt to Ireland

August 2011

In Ireland, ghosts of towns that never were

'Against Remembrance' By David Rieff

East Timor’s Lost Generation

Postcolonial Blues

Chariots of Fire: Tony Blair’s Legacy

'The Many Worlds of RH Mathews: In Search of an Australian Anthropologist' By Martin Thomas

February 2011

Michael Lewis on the Irish economic crisis: When Irish Eyes Are Crying

The New Castrati

Too Much Heaven on their Minds

PL Travers and Mary Poppins

Something about Mary

Jonathan auf der Heide's 'Van Diemen's Land'

Tasmanian Devils

The discovery of Vashti Bunyan, Sibylle Baier and ‘Connie’ Converse

Lost Women Found

Brian Burke & Nicolae Ceausescu

Comment: An Indigenous Game

Frank Hurley: Journeys into Papua

Such Desirable Objects

Oliver Sacks’s ‘Musicophilia’


David Silverman’s ‘The Simpsons Movie’


The 2007 Venice Biennale

The View from the Pavilions

Contra Mundum