Australian politics, society & culture


By James Boyce
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Norfolk Island’s chickens
By Ashley Hay
Richard Dawkins' 'The Greatest Show on Earth'
By Ian Lowe
You wouldn’t believe me if I claimed that almost half the people in a rich, modern country still thought the earth was flat, or that the Roman Empire never existed. It would be a ridiculous assertion. Yet almost half of all adults in the United States believe that human beings did not evolve from other species, but
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Robert Forster
Trekking in the Simpson
By Robyn Davidson
For Indigenous people, who knew it as well as their own bodies (in a sense, their country was both body and mind), it was a large garden that sustained them for thousands of generations. Withholding sometimes, when the dry went on longer than usual, but generally so bountiful that they could gather enough food in a
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Ashley Hay
Dobbing on Dr Raad
By Nicholas Shakespeare
It was a late April morning in 2001 and my wife had taken our seven-month-old son to the Swansea surgery for a routine jab – the final set of shots for whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. This was the first week of the new doctor and she was curious to see what he was like, or even if he would be there. It’s hard