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Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Benjamin Law
Frederick Seidel's 'Ooga-Booga and Poems: 1959-2009'
By Kate Jennings
For your consideration: “A naked woman my age is just a total nightmare.” Now there’s a rip-snorting line of poetry if there ever was one. Frederick Seidel, who is not afraid to repeat himself, offers the line not once but three times in Ooga-Booga (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 112pp; $24). In my youth, loaded up with
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Anglican Business
By David Marr
Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Eating Animals’
By Peter Singer
Jonathan Safran Foer is a talented novelist with a gift for writing amusingly about serious issues. In Everything Is Illuminated (2003), he created a Ukrainian narrator, Alex, who describes in hilarious detail his work assisting an American Jew – named Jonathan Safran Foer – in finding the woman who hid his
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Fiona Capp
The National Party
By John Birmingham
The Flinthart of that once-upon-a-time rarely flinched from the confronting, and occasionally violent, practice of direct action when demonstrating his displeasure with the black-hearted devils of the old Bjelke-Petersen regime in Queensland. Thus, he found himself very much out of place when he and his wife moved to
Sceptical Thinking
By Peter Doherty
The scope of what science can do is constantly being enhanced by technology. While microbiology is benefiting from new, ultra-high-speed gene and protein sequencers, climatology is being informed by next-generation satellites that can measure the depth and area of ice sheets, as well as relay temperature measurements
Conference Bound
By Tim Flannery
For all their importance, the international climate negotiations have hardly been pursued with urgency. Until recently, they have been somewhat Wagnerian in character: seemingly interminable and with expectations of resolution eternally denied. In September, however, something happened that set the negotiations on a
Janine Burke's 'Source: Nature's Healing Role in Art and Writing
By Sebastian Smee
Janine Burke’s Source (Allen & Unwin, 400pp; $55.00) is about the inspiration and sanctuary that artists have found in nature. It reads as a collection of eight mini-biographies that hinge on given periods in the subjects’ lives, with Burke’s focus swinging back and forth from childhood to death. Together, these
Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' Trilogy
By Kirsten Tranter
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Hugh White
Paul Kelly's "The March of Patriots"
By Robert Manne
We have known for several years that Paul Kelly was preparing to publish the sequel to The End of Certainty. Last month it finally appeared. There can be no question that The March of Patriots is a brilliant, if deeply flawed, achievement and a work of first-rate significance, almost certain to provide the definitive
A Short History of the Media Future
By John Birmingham
The formal library, in contrast, has none of this. Occupying the centre of the original house, its one nod to modernity is a rather groovy white lampshade hanging in the centre of the room. The vast and intricate web of optical fibre and wiring, which forms a sort of nervous system for the rest of the house, courses
Arundhati Roy's "Listening to Grasshoppers"
By Tim Soutphommasane
As a schoolboy in Sydney, I found that my summertime lessons would inevitably be drowned out by the clicking of cicadas. Many find the sound of cicadas somewhat soothing, but for me it was always an unbearable cacophony. Cicadas aren’t the same creatures, I understand, as grasshoppers. But even so, Arundhati Roy didn’
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Rudd and the Murdoch Press
By Mungo MacCallum
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Cate Kennedy