Australian politics, society & culture


A boat moored on Ballarat's Lake Wendouree in 2007. © Ian Kenins
A Dark Victory
By Robert Manne
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Bullies versus Science
By Mike Steketee
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Danny Johnson’s Anti–Carbon Tax Campaign
By Ian Kenins
Thompson Harokaqveh campaigning in Gamusi, PNG, October 2011. © James Morgan
PNG Elections
By Johnny Langenheim
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Forgotten People, Elites and Class Warfare
By Nick Dyrenfurth
Malcolm Turnbull, Sydney, March 2012. © Julia Kingma
On life in politics
By Robert Manne
Mates don't let mates slide into decadence and decay. IMAGE: Commonwealth of Australia
Address to the US President
By Don Watson
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
The Rise of Cosmetic Medicine
By Tanveer Ahmed
The Greens party room, December 2011. © Australian Greens
Divided We Fall
By Sally Neighbour
An encounter between impatient Australia and non-committal India: John Howard with Indian PM Manmohan Singh in 2004. © Penny Bradfield/Fairfax Syndication
Australia–India Relations
By Michael Wesley
'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet' by Roger Scruton, Atlantic, 646 pp; $39.99
Roger Scruton’s 'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet'
By Peter Singer