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Australia's best science communicators come together to explore the challenges of relaying complex and important scientific information to the wider community
Clive Hamilton, author of Earthmasters, asks the question: What would it mean for humans to mould nature as a whole, to make the Earth itself into an artefact designed to suit our needs?
Those of us who live on the island of Australia can’t help but be influenced by its unique landscape. Malcolm Knox, Kathryn Heyman and Ian Hoskins discuss understanding Australia through the nature and history of its land.
Electricity workers in Brisbane. © Tim Marsden / Newspix
How network companies lined their pockets and drove electricity prices through the roof
By Jess Hill
Ship-loading tower, Triabunna mill wharf. © Mike Bowers
How the end of Gunns cleared a new path for Tasmania
By John van Tiggelen
Black Inc.; $29.99
By Peter Christoff
A trip to the site of a proposed nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory
By André Dao
How the Morwell coal mine fire has made unlikely allies
By Craig Sherborne
The last of the Panamanian golden frogs are to be found in a “frog hotel” in El Valle de Anton. Photo: Brian Gratwicke
Andrew Glikson’s ‘Evolution of the Atmosphere’, Elizabeth Kolbert’s ‘The Sixth Extinction’, Errol Fuller’s ‘Lost Animals’ and Clifford Frith’s ‘The Woodhen’
By Tim Flannery
The ALP, the Libs, the Greens, the split
By Amanda Lohrey
How we fight fires now
By John van Tiggelen
On science, religion, politics and ideology
By Judith Brett
Fire, climate and denial
By Robert Kenny
New films from Ryan Coogler, Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Morgan Neville
By Luke Davies
Subtropical beech forest, northern NSW © Paul Curtis
The hero of this story is a tree or rather a species of tree
By Amanda Lohrey