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Goolarabooloo law man Joseph Roe on Cable Beach in Broome. © Simon Penn
Kimberley Politics
By Victoria Laurie
White-rumped Vultures, once abundant in north-east India, are considered a threatened species. © Corbis
Tim Flannery’s 'Here on Earth'
By Christine Kenneally
Sceptical Thinking
By Peter Doherty
The scope of what science can do is constantly being enhanced by technology. While microbiology is benefiting from new, ultra-high-speed gene and protein sequencers, climatology is being informed by next-generation satellites that can measure the depth and area of ice sheets, as well as relay temperature measurements
A Short History of the Media Future
By John Birmingham
The formal library, in contrast, has none of this. Occupying the centre of the original house, its one nod to modernity is a rather groovy white lampshade hanging in the centre of the room. The vast and intricate web of optical fibre and wiring, which forms a sort of nervous system for the rest of the house, courses
Maude Barlow’s ‘Blue Covenant’ & Åsa Wahlquist’s 'Thirsty Country'
By Michael Cathcart
According to Maude Barlow, the human race is facing a threat more lethal than global warming. Barlow is a Canadian writer who crusades against corporate control of natural resources. She is also a co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, a network of activists who are fighting the commodification of the world's
Michael Pollan’s ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ & Bill McKibben’s ‘Deep Economy’
By Robyn Davidson
It would be interesting to know how many trees and how much oil (petrol for the delivery of, aviation fuel for the author promotion of, ink for the printing of, machines for shredding the remainders of), have gone into the plethora of books bringing us the bad eco-news in the decades since Silent Spring. It would be
Meg Baird’s 'Dear Companion'
By Robert Forster
In the tangled undergrowth of the indie-rock scene there are certain musical genres that re-emerge with some regularity. New wave, no wave, country, disco and garage rock all have their time in the sun, and then come back later in a new mutation. But three or four years ago, a genre appeared on the scene that hadn't