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David Marr

November 2012

Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott

The pursuit of character over substance

Junk politics

Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott

Manoly Lascaris and Patrick White’s ghost

No One Comes To See Me Now

September 2011

New Pacific fix all but impossible

Meeting Neil Armfield

The Diary of a Maestro

December 2009 - January 2010 in brief

Forty-three Years at the ABC

Hidden Treasure

David Marr’s ‘The Henson Case’


Following Menzies

2020 Hindsight


The final chapter

Patrick White

Reinvigorating the National Broadcaster

New Teeth for Aunty

Why We Need a Change of Government


What Happened to Community?

A Husk of Meaning

Sydney's talkback titan and his mythical power

Who's for Breakfast, Mr Jones?

Waking Up with Mr Jones

Fear & Loathing at the ABC