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Follow You (detail), 2013, Wang Qingsong. Courtesy of White Rabbit Gallery.
Judith Neilson's groundbreaking collection of contemporary Chinese art
By Mireille Juchau
The islands Japan calls Senkaku and China calls Diaoyu. © Kyodo / Reuters 
Why is Australia taking sides in the East China Sea?
By Linda Jaivin
Jonathan Cape; $32.95
By Linda Jaivin
Children performing for tourists in Sinuiju, North Korea. © Linda Jaivin
Big statues, high swings and a ‘Sound of Music’ sing-along
By Linda Jaivin
By Mungo MacCallum
Chinese and American sailors meet in 2011. Jon Rasmussen/US Department of Defense
Hugh White’s 'The China Choice'
By Malcolm Turnbull
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Wim Delvoye at MONA
By Amanda Lohrey
An encounter between impatient Australia and non-committal India: John Howard with Indian PM Manmohan Singh in 2004. © Penny Bradfield/Fairfax Syndication
Australia–India Relations
By Michael Wesley
Posters of Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on sale in Rangoon, December 2011 © Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters
By Sebastian Strangio
Fashion icon Akira Isogawa. Image courtesy of Akira Isogawa
Akira Isogawa
By Peter Robb
'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet' by Roger Scruton, Atlantic, 646 pp; $39.99
Roger Scruton’s 'Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously about the Planet'
By Peter Singer
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Norfolk Island’s chickens
By Ashley Hay
Quarterly Essay 44, 'Man-Made World: Choosing between Progress and Planet', by Andrew Charlton, Black Inc., 142pp; $19.95
By Andrew Charlton
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Julia Gillard, foreign policy and the summit season
By Hugh White
Fretilin supporters protest in Dili following the resignation of then Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, 30 June 2006. © Candido Alves / Newspix / News Limited
East Timor’s Lost Generation
By Jill Jolliffe
Yongle Emperor, of the Ming Dynasty, shown in the Dragon Chair. The original hanging scroll is held at the National Palace Museum, Taibei. © Wikimedia Commons
Niall Ferguson’s 'Civilisation: The West and the Rest'
By Malcolm Turnbull