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Portrait of Tony Abbott by Neil Moore
The brief life and quiet death of Tony Abbott’s love of liberty
By David Marr
Palmer to the left, Palmer to the right
By J.R. Hennessy
So Clive Palmer has lost the Left. There was a brief, shining moment – amongst his Medicare defences and heroic activism for free education – that Australian progressives reluctantly embraced a billionaire mining plutocrat, revelling in his open hostility toward the Coalition. But then came his appearance on Q&A,
By Stephen Mills
Election night, September 2013: Before a whooping crowd in the ballroom of Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel, the prime minister-elect claimed victory for the Coalition parties. Thanking those who had contributed to the victory, Tony Abbott singled out for special praise the Liberal Party’s federal director, Brian
Talking about the narcissistic national daily only encourages it
By Margaret Simons
How the Liberal Party has exiled its last reasonable man
By Amanda Lohrey
NewSouth; $49.99
By Rhys Muldoon
Black Inc.; $29.99
By Peter Christoff
Bill Shorten and Tony Abbott at the opening of parliament, November 2013. © Gary Ramage / Newspix  
The distance between us and our rulers is getting bigger
By Richard Cooke
The Palmer United Party are anti-politics wildcards in Parliament
By Amanda Lohrey
Illustration by Neil Moore.
What is the cost of propping up Tony Abbott's favourite minority?
By Rachel Nolan
The ALP, the Libs, the Greens, the split
By Amanda Lohrey
Rewriting the Gillard years
By Richard Cooke
An election, a neighbour, a dog
By Lally Katz
Rupert Murdoch, 2012 © Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
The political empire of the News Corp chairman
By Robert Manne
The prime minister is sorry about everything
By Don Watson
By The Monthly
By John van Tiggelen
They say democracy is a serious matter. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never voted.* As a non-citizen for many years, I couldn’t here, and Dutch democracy – with its multi-party governments, supported and criticised by a vigorously diverse press, and consistently high levels of voter turnout despite