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Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers and freedom of speech
By André Dao
“You understand that your life is in our hands. Your death is also in our hands because we won’t let you die.” Those words, as recalled by an ex-detainee, were spoken by a Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs official to hunger-striking asylum seekers at Curtin Detention Centre in 2001.
Presents, prayers and asylum seekers
By Sunil Badami
By Michaela McGuire
By Michaela McGuire
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Michaela McGuire
Mural at Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre. © Dean Sewell / Oculi
Tragedy of Errors
By Robert Manne
Indonesian fishermen. © Glenn Campbell
The story of a people smuggler
By Ruth Balint
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
A People-smuggling Trial
By Sian Powell
Chris Bowen working the stage in Canberra. © Donglei Chen
Chris Bowen and the Malaysian Solution
By Jana Wendt