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The King & I
By Harry Nicolaides
Compound One. For weeks I lay on my back, delirious with influenza. When I was able to stand, I shuffled around like a zombie, pushed here and there by the heaving population of sweaty, half-naked inmates, most of them Thai, Burmese or Cambodian. One night I was so overcome with anxiety that I started to
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
The Voyage of Globalisation’s Forefather
By Simon Leys
First, though Magellan was indeed Portuguese, he sailed for Spain - personally commissioned by Charles V. His foreign origin provoked suspicion and resentment among his Castilian officers; some of them detested him, and their hostility was to climax in a mutiny that nearly brought the entire expedition to a premature
Making Sense of the Flores Find
By Ashley Hay
This something took three days to extricate. It was a skeleton, so tantalisingly conserved that some of its sections were still joined, and so fragile that it had the consistency of wet blotting paper. The researchers thought it was a pre-modern child; they took it to the hotel where they'd set up a bone room and
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Ashley Hay
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Ashley Hay
Denton Corker Marshall’s Manchester Civil Justice Centre
By Deyan Sudjic
The idea that courtrooms should have distinctive architecture has been remarkably persistent in almost every culture since at least the days of George Edmund Street's Gothic court complex in London. It is a way to celebrate the state, as Mussolini's architects did in Milan and Naples in the fascist period (though
Brian Mayfield-Smith with Maybe Better at Flemington, September 2007. © Eamon Gallagher
At the Track with Brian Mayfield-Smith
By Craig Sherborne
JM Coetzee’s ‘Diary of a Bad Year’
By Barry Hill
JM Coetzee's ability to cut to the bone is terrifyingly impressive. He exposes the ribcage, with the heart beating inside it. There it is, you might say, that simple thing before us. But in novel after novel over the past 30 years, including at least four masterpieces from South Africa as well as a work set in
The Bali Nine and the future of the death penalty
By Daniel Hoare
Since 1973, when the death penalty was abolished in Australia, the nation has taken a reasonably consistent international stance against capital punishment. In 1990 Australia signed a UN protocol that called upon all signatories to abolish the death penalty in their own countries and, according to some international
Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Gideon Haigh
25 Years of HIV & AIDS
By Dennis Altman
But while Australia's rate of new infections is less than the annual road toll, every day 6000-plus people die from AIDS across the world (roughly the total number of deaths from the epidemic in Australia to date). AIDS has shattered communities across much of Africa; it threatens the very survival of some small
By Chris Middendorp
The uncredited introduction to this anthology somewhat meekly proposes that we shouldn't take high honours in literature too seriously. Reminding us of the sublime authors who were not awarded the Nobel - Tolstoy, James, Conrad, Woolf, Nabokov, Greene, among others - the anonymous writer blithely concedes that,
Joe Boyd’s 'White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s'
By Robert Forster
A friend of mine, younger than I, who works for a hip reissue label out of San Francisco, told me of an encounter with a member of a prominent San Franciscan band of the '60s. My friend, aided perhaps by the fact that he is not a native of the city, enjoys good relations with and access to most of the band members
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By David Salter
Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
By Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz
By Malcolm Knox
Paradise is once again at hand for the persecuted tribe of Australian soccer, or ‘The One True Football’. This month, the Socceroos’ participation in the World Cup – for the first time in 32 years, and for only the second time ever – is set to awaken the ‘sleeping giant’. Yet again, the code’s prophets are hailing its