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Australia’s best writers

Including David Marr, Helen Garner, Waleed Aly, Anna Goldsworthy and more

  • Waleed Aly
  • Alice Pung
  • Richard Cooke
  • Anna Goldsworthy
  • Robert Manne
  • Cate Kennedy
  • Luke Davies
  • Helen Garner
  • David Marr
  • Chloe Hooper
  • Don Watson
  • Karen Hitchcock
  • Malcolm Knox
  • Anna Krien

Stay ahead of the national conversation

With contributions from Australia’s sharpest thinkers and writers, the Monthly gives you the news that stays news and the ideas that keep everyone talking.

Time for quality

The Monthly’s long-form journalism is the perfect antidote to the 24-hour news cycle.

Our writers take their time on reporting, research and analysis to deliver the stories underneath the daily buzz of headlines and soundbites.

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When does the Monthly publish new content?

At the start of each month, subscribers receive the new print edition. Soon after, it goes on sale in newsagents and booksellers, and the issue’s content becomes available to subscribers online at We add new blog posts and video content throughout the month, and every weekday we publish two essential bulletins:

PoliticOz, a daily dose of political analysis with a collection of the most important stories of the day, and the Shortlist Daily, a selection of the best reads from around the world.

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