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31st of October 2014

Violent protests topple government in Burkina Faso "Demonstrators protesting President Blaise Compaoré’s plans to stay in office after 27 years surged through the streets of Ouagadougou, overrunning state broadcasters, setting fire to Parliament..."

Pictures via The Atlantic

New York Times (possible paywall)

30th of October 2014

The GST trap "Opposing changes to the GST is unlikely to benefit Labor’s election prospects."

Inside Story

29th of October 2014

Hong Kong tycoons pressed on protests "The failure to support Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying or come out more strongly against the protests appears to have irked Beijing."

Wall Street Journal

28th of October 2014

South African prosecutors to appeal "During the seven-month trial, the state failed to convince judge Thokozile Masipa of Pistorius's intent to kill, leading to his conviction for culpable homicide and a five-year jail term."


27th of October 2014

Living in the hell called Nauru: An open letter "Here seems to be like a military place and even many officers feel that. They feel they have been dispatched to here for armed war. I ask you what is the sin of those who have fled war and dictatorship?" (Name Withheld)

The Saturday Paper (possible paywall)

24th of October 2014

Doctor in New York City is sick with Ebola “While officials have said they expected isolated cases of the disease to arrive in New York eventually, and had been preparing for this moment for months, the first case highlighted the challenges involved in containing the virus, especially in a crowded metropolis.”

New York Times

23rd of October 2014

Gunman panics Ottawa, killing soldier in rampage "Downtown Ottawa, ordinarily bustling on a workday, was both shut down and traumatized as police officers rushed to secure the Parliament building."

Also: Timeline of events (The Globe and Mail)

22nd of October 2014

Ian MacFarlane pushes for RET to be reduced to 'real' 20 per cent "Under the proposal, all emissions-intensive trade-exposed industries would be exempted from the RET."

The Australian (possible paywall)

21st of October 2014

Joko Widodo's first speech focuses on maritime power "He quoted the motto of the Indonesian navy ‘Jales Veva Jaya Mahe’, which means ‘In the water, we are triumphant’, and said that for too long it had turned its back on the ‘bays and straits and oceans’." (Michael Bachelard)


20th of October 2014

Joko Widodo, 'man of the people', to become Indonesia's president "But before stepping into the role on Monday, Mr Widodo has already been dealt a bruising by the nation's political elite."

ABC News