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31st of July 2014

Arab leaders, viewing Hamas as worse than Israel, stay silent "Battling Palestinian militants in Gaza two years ago, Israel found itself pressed from all sides by unfriendly Arab neighbors to end the fighting. Not this time."

New York Times

30th of July 2014

Israel steps up airstrikes in Gaza as international cease-fire efforts stumble "The renewed diplomatic push came after what Palestinians said was a devastating hit on the only electricity plant in the Gaza Strip, which set off a huge fire and threatened to create a major humanitarian crisis."

New York Times

29th of July 2014

West African countries announce new measures to stop Ebola spread "Ebola has killed 672 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since it was first diagnosed in February. The pathogen has no known cure, although chances of survival improve dramatically with early detection and treatment."

The Guardian

28th of July 2014

Cease-fire in Gaza breaks down "A humanitarian truce that had given residents of the Gaza Strip a respite from nearly three weeks of fighting crumbled on Sunday after militants there fired a barrage of rockets into Israel and Israeli forces responded with limited airstrikes and artillery fire."

Wall Street Journal

25th of July 2014

Air Algérie plane crash brings week's airliner death toll to 450 "An Algerian aircraft carrying 110 passengers and six crew crashed in northern Africa early on Thursday with the apparent death of all on board – the third airliner disaster in a week."

Also: Ukraine PM resigns over his country's precarious energy situation (The Independent); TransAsia Airways plane crashes on landing in Taiwan, killing at least 48 (Sydney Morning Herald)

The Guardian

24th of July 2014

Malaysia's risky talks with rebels in Ukraine paid off "As attempts to retrieve the bodies and flight recorders from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 dragged on over the weekend, prime minister Najib Razak risked a gambit that European leaders wouldn't: sending officials into a war zone to meet with armed rebels whose government almost no one recognizes."

Also: Taiwan: 48 dead in TransAsia Airways plane crash (The Guardian)

Wall Street Journal

23rd of July 2014

Joko Widodo wins Indonesian presidential election "The national elections commission said Tuesday after days of collating more than 133 million ballots from across the sprawling archipelago that Mr Widodo edged out former army general Prabowo Subianto with 53.15% of the vote."

Wall Street Journal

22nd of July 2014

Bodies from MH17 begin long trip to Netherlands "That grim conveyance, along with the handover of the planes' flight recorders from pro-Russia rebels to a Malaysian delegation, allowed the focus to tighten — both at the crash site and in international diplomacy — on establishing who brought the jetliner down on Thursday."

Wall Street Journal

21st of July 2014

MH17: world's anger at Russia grows as bodies pile on to train at crash site "As politicians, investigators and relatives of the dead across the world expressed anger at the Kremlin for not forcing pro-Russia rebels to offer more cooperation, there had yet to be any serious examination of the crash site."

The Guardian

18th of July 2014

Malaysia Airlines plane was hit by surface-to-air missile, US officials say "The US agencies are divided over whether the missile was launched by the Russian military or by pro-Russia separatist rebels, who officials say lack the expertise on their own to bring down a commercial airline in midflight."

Also: Fractured Ukraine shows neither Barack Obama nor Vladimir Putin are in control (Paul McGeough, Fairfax); Why was a passenger plane flying over a conflict zone in Ukraine? (The Independent)

Wall Street Journal