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6th of March 2015

The gangsters of Ferguson "Officer Darren Wilson was innocent. If only the city's cops offered their own citizens the same due process he received."

The Atlantic

5th of March 2015

US calls on Ferguson to overhaul criminal justice system "The Justice Department declared that Ferguson had engaged in so many constitutional violations that they could be corrected only through better training, new policies and outside oversight."

Also: Excerpts from the Justice Department's reportAnd: What's wrong with the Ferguson police department?

Read the Justice Department's report in full here.

The New York Times (possible paywall)

4th of March 2015

Bali 9 prisoners transferred from Kerobokan to execution island under heavy military guard "The development comes amid signs of a breakdown in communication between the Indonesian and Australian governments, with Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop admitting there had been no official confirmation from Indonesian officials that a transfer was going to take place."


3rd of March 2015

Syrian conflict as the first climate change war "Global warming intensified the region’s worst-ever drought, pushing the country into civil war by destroying agriculture and forcing an exodus to cities already straining from poverty, an influx of refugees from war-torn Iraq next door and poor government."

The Independent

2nd of March 2015

Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis to reform Vatican budget accused of massive overspending "George Pell's apparent taste for luxury and good living stands in stark contrast to the frugality and austerity espoused by the Pope, who lives in a modest residence rather than the opulent Apostolic Palace and has eschewed grand motorcades in favour of humble hatch-backs."

Also: The hit job on Cardinal Pell was inevitable: he’s cleaning out the Vatican stables (The Spectator)

The Telegraph

27th of February 2015

'Jihadi John', executioner in ISIS videos, had early encounter with British intelligence "Mohammed Emwazi was 6 when his parents moved to West London from his birthplace in Kuwait, and he seems to have lived a normal life, studying hard and graduating in computer sciences from the University of Westminster in 2009."

The New York Times (possible paywall)

26th of February 2015

Proposition 47: LA County report details profound effect on justice system "In the county jails, overcrowding has eased, as people serving time on Prop 47 charges are released and new offenders are not being locked up. This allows more serious offenders to serve a larger percentage of their sentences instead of getting out early."

LA Times

25th of February 2015

Malcolm Turnbull contradicts Tony Abbott on Gillian Triggs strategy "Turnbull declined to echo the critique of Professor Triggs by Mr Abbott and other Coalition ministers on Wednesday, instead saying the ‘debate about Gillian Triggs misses the main point. The main point is the children. Children in detention is something nobody wants’."


24th of February 2015

Islamic State's dangerous gains in Libya: A threat to Europe? "Rival militias in Libya have thrown the country into civil war and made it easy prey for the Islamic State. The recent execution of 21 Egyptian Christians is only one sign of the terrorist group's growing footprint in North Africa."

Der Spiegel

23rd of February 2015

Inside Senator Cory Bernardi's business web "Cory Bernardi’s dealings in financial products leave a maze of disclosures and a charity that says it was never paid." (Kate Doak)

The Saturday Paper (possible paywall)