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30th of January 2015

The prisoner swap has only one purpose for ISIS militants "The Jordanian pilot, the failed Iraqi suicide bomber and the Japanese journalist are all part of Isis's frontier re-drawing in the Middle East – whether they realise it or not." (Robert Fisk)

The Independent

29th of January 2015

Tsipras's debt plan sends Athens stock market sliding "Investors made clear on Wednesday the depth of their concerns about Greece’s new leftist-led government, driving up its borrowing costs, pushing down stock prices and highlighting the risks in the country’s banking system."

The New York Times (possible paywall)

28th of January 2015

Poisoning of ex-KGB spy 'nuclear terrorism', UK inquiry told "Evidence suggested Alexander Litvinenko had ingested the highly radioactive isotope polonium-210 in mid-October 2006 and again two weeks later."

Toronto Star

27th of January 2015

Vote result in Greece challenges more than austerity "The rise of Syriza is a challenge to Europe’s German-led economic policies of austerity, and Alexis Tsipras has vowed to renegotiate the harsh terms of Greece’s financial bailout with its creditors."

The New York Times (possible paywall)

23rd of January 2015

Ukraine cedes Donetsk airport to rebels as fighting continues "The airport, the scene of fierce battles in recent days, is nonfunctional, the terminal and runways having been destroyed months ago. Nonetheless, it has retained high symbolic value in the ongoing hostilities as the government’s last toehold in the city."

The New York Times (possible paywall)

22nd of January 2015

My 'Charlie Hebdo' by Philippe Lançon "Right now I have nothing left but three fingers wrapped in Band-Aids, a heavily bandaged jaw, and just a few ounces of strength, a few minutes in which to express to you all my affection and thank you for your friendship and your support."

The New York Review of Books

21st of January 2015

From amateur to ruthless Jihadist in France "A decade later, Chérif Kouachi, flanked by his older brother Saïd, 34, no longer had any reservations, as the two jihadists in black, sheathed in body armor, gave a global audience a ruthless demonstration in terrorism."

The New York Times

20th of January 2015

British intelligence captured emails of journalists from top international media "GCHQ’s bulk surveillance of electronic communications has scooped up emails to and from journalists working for some of the US and UK’s largest media organisations, analysis of documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals."

The Guardian

19th of January 2015

Outcry after Indonesia executes six for drug trafficking "An Indonesian firing squad executed six convicted drug traffickers early Sunday, sparking condemnations from human rights groups and foreign leaders."

LA Times

16th of January 2015

When the fever breaks "Regular West Africans, in the absence of rescue, by the world and by their own governments, which are among the poorest on earth, have proved remarkably adept at finding ways to live and to help others do so."

The New Yorker