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19th of December 2014

Nigerian militants kidnap 200 villagers in Nigeria "The attack happened on Sunday but news has only just emerged, after survivors reached the city of Maiduguri."

18th of December 2014

Pakistan massacre: A scene of carnage "People across the country lit candles and staged vigils as parents bade final farewells to their children during mass funerals in and around Peshawar."


17th of December 2014

Why does the Taliban attack schools? "The Pakistani Taliban carried out its bloodiest attack yet on a school in Peshawar on Tuesday, killing at least 140 people, most of them children."

Also: How the Pakistani Taliban became a deadly force (The New York Times)

The International Business Times

16th of December 2014

In Sydney, a siege and a promise: #Illridewithyou "Seventeen hours after Man Haron Monis walked into the Lindt Chocolat Café on Martin Place and took the staff and customers hostage, the police stormed the shop." (Amy Davidson)

15th of December 2014

Police clear Martin Place after gunman holds hostages at Lindt Chocolat Cafe "Sydney's CBD is in lockdown as police negotiate with a gunman who stormed into the busy Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place on Monday morning and took customers and staff hostage."


12th of December 2014

Torture is who we are "There’s something bizarre about responding to a 600-page document detailing systematic US government torture by declaring that the real America — the one with good values — does not torture." (Atlantic)

Also: The CIA torture report puts Poland in an uncomfortable spotlight (Quartz); US hid UK links in torture report at request of British spy agencies (Guardian).

And: Torture is illegal. Americans tortured. Why isn't anyone being prosecuted? (Vox)

11th of December 2014

Does torture work? The CIA's claims and what the Committee found "Here are eight cases cited in the report where the C.I.A. made the case that its tactics thwarted plots and led to the capture of terrorists, and how the committee's report undercut those accounts." (New York Times)

Also: Former CIA Directors respond to the Senate's torture report (Wall Street Journal); and an analysis of the CIA's response (Council on Foreign Relations).

And: The ten craziest episodes in the Senate's report on torture (Rolling Stone)

10th of December 2014

Senate torture report faults CIA for brutality and deceit "The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday issued a sweeping indictment of the Central Intelligence Agency’s program to detain and interrogate terrorism suspects in the years after the September 11 attacks."

Also: The key findings; How the CIA tortured its detainees; Obama's shifting views on torture (all The Guardian)

The New York Times

9th of December 2014

Goal to end fossil fuels by 2050 surfaces in Lima UN climate documents "It’s a rare thing when you can point to paragraphs in a United Nations climate negotiating text and feel they more or less match what most of the science says should become a reality."

The Guardian

5th of December 2014

Eric Garner's killing and why the police chokehold is so racially charged in the USA "Despite bans and decades of controversy, the chokehold is still apparently in use. It's still lethal. And it's still as racially charged as ever."

Also: No such thing as racial profiling (New Yorker); Thurgood Marshall blasted police for killing black men with chokeholds (Mother Jones)

And: Palm Island killer cop questioned over violent arrest (New Matilda)

Washington Post via Fairfax