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17th of April 2015

States spoiling for fight at COAG over schools, hospitals, and GST “Relations between the commonwealth and states have sunk to their lowest level in years going into the meeting, with Western Australia initially gaining qualified support in Canberra in its push for a freeze of the Commonwealth Grants Commission formula to ensure its share of GST revenue does not go further backwards.”

Sydney Morning Herald

16th of April 2015

Islamic State: Hundreds flee Iraq’s Anbar province as militants seize village of Albu Ghanim “Resident Abu Amar said the jihadists had declared their victory via loudspeaker in the village mosque. He said his son, a policeman, was missing, and he had heard the militants had a list of conscripts they had already begun executing.”

ABC News

15th of April 2015

Tony Abbott scraps promised company tax cut for big business “The Federal Government has formally revealed it will not go ahead with a promised company tax cut for big businesses. But nor will larger companies be forced to pay a levy that was designed to help fund the Prime Minister's dumped paid parental leave scheme.”

14th of April 2015

Ukraine crisis: Further weapons withdrawals agreed “Russia and Ukraine have agreed to call for the withdrawal of more types of weapons in Ukraine's east, as fresh clashes renew fears for a truce there.”

13th of April 2015

Hillary Clinton announces 2016 presidential bid “The announcement effectively began what could be one of the least contested races, without an incumbent, for the Democratic presidential nomination in recent history — a stark contrast to the 2008 primaries, when Mrs. Clinton, the early front-runner, ended up in a long and expensive battle won by Barack Obama. It could also be the first time a woman captures a major party’s nomination.”

The New York Times (possible paywall)

10th of April 2015

Richie Benaud: cricket’s permanent witness “Benaud announced as captain he was going to do away with “dull cricket”, and did. He also did away with “dull cricket” as a commentator, but not by embellishing it. Instead of calcifying, he became more wise and ironic in age, Yoda-like in philosophy and countenance.”

The Guardian

9th of April 2015

The shockingly familiar killing of Walter Scott “Most [traffic stop] encounters do not end with violence or death, even if they produce humiliation and tension with police. But they are far more likely to end in a killing in the United States than anywhere else.”

The Atlantic

8th of April 2015

Nauru child protection worker: we felt a duty to tell Australia about abuse “Australia’s immigration department ignored concerns about children being groomed for sexual abuse at the Nauru detention centre, a former Save the Children worker has alleged.”

The Guardian

7th of April 2015

Syria: Besieged Yarmouk refugee camp a test for international community “The fate of 18,000 civilians trapped in the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria – now mostly controlled by the Islamic State – remains in the balance, with the United Nations describing the situation as ‘catastrophic’.”

Sydney Morning Herald

2nd of April 2015

Putin threat of nuclear showdown over Baltics “Russian security figures warned last month that Mr Putin was ready to respond forcefully to any further Nato build-up in the Baltics. They delivered ‘a spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military’, according to American notes of a high-level meeting between Russian and US former security chiefs seen by The Times.”

The Times