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Thursday, 6 December 2012

General item

How crash cover-up altered China's succession "The outlines of the affair surfaced months ago, but it is now becoming clearer that the crash and the botched cover-up had more momentous consequences, altering the course of the Chinese Communist Party's once-in-a-decade leadership succession last month."

New York Times

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lead item

350 die in Philippine typhoon "A powerful typhoon that washed away emergency shelters, a military camp and possibly entire families in the southern Philippines has killed almost 350 people with nearly 400 missing, authorites said Thursday."

Boston Globe

General item

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch obituary "Despite the many upheavals, setbacks and disputes in his long career as a media tycoon, there was only one person whom Rupert Murdoch regarded with real trepidation: his mother, Dame Elisabeth. She has died at the age of 103." 


Thursday, 6 December 2012

General item

Environmental flows: How the Franklin was saved "The jail warders were cheerful. With the prison suddenly full, Gray gave in to months of entreaties and awarded them a pay rise. The regular prisoners had new entertainment with blockade songs (including the ever-popular chorus 'We’re gonna lurk, loiter and secrete …') resounding through the cell blocks." (Bob Brown)

The Monthly

Is God happy? "Is a person in (Nirvana) aware of the world around him? If not — if he is completely detached from life on earth — what kind of reality is he a part of? And if he is aware of the world of our experience, he must also be aware of evil, and of suffering. But is it possible to be aware of evil and suffering and still be perfectly happy?"

New York Review of Books

North Korea launches fragrance "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un surprised Korea-watchers today by abruptly cancelling his nation's controversial rocket test and launching a fragrance instead." (Borowitz Report)

New Yorker

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