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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lead item

No substitute for hard thinking on asylum seekers "MPs can cry at the dispatch box all they like. Everyone’s emotional on this issue - voters, journalists, politicians. But only the latter get the chance to do something about it, unlike the rest of us. And the Coalition and the Greens have elected not to do anything about it."

Asylum Seekers

Thursday, 28 June 2012

General item

Germany offers vision of federalism for EU "Merkel and her top ministers have been spelling out a far grander, German alternative to convince markets the euro is here to stay. What they envision would mark a radical step forward in European integration through a 'political union'."

Washington Post

News Corp backs spin-off of papers "Signs of the friction emerged subtly but steadily as the financial fortunes of the company's assets diverged... The newspapers, once seen as a tool of political and financial influence, had become a liability in both."

New York Times

Thursday, 28 June 2012

General item

Circumcision ruling condemned by Germany's Muslim and Jewish leaders "Jewish and Muslim leaders were united in their condemnation of a court's decision to in effect outlaw the circumcision of boys after a judge deemed that the religious practice amounted to bodily harm."


Good art, bad people "Norman Mailer in a rage once tried to kill one of his wives. The painter Caravaggio and the poet and playwright Ben Jonson both killed men in duels or brawls. Genet was a thief, Rimbaud was a smuggler, Byron committed incest, Flaubert paid for s#x with boys. So case closed, one is tempted to say."

New York Times
Art, Psychology

And finally

3D illusion sketchbook drawings (images by Nagai Hideyuki)

This Is Colossal