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Friday, 20 April 2012

Lead item

Hacking scandal: the net tightens on the Murdochs "Rupert Murdoch's grip on his media empire was dramatically challenged yesterday after his company was labelled a 'toxic shadow state' which launched a dirty tricks campaign against MPs and now faces a salvo of phone-hacking claims in the United States."

The Independent

Friday, 20 April 2012

General item

India tests nuclear-capable missile "India’s successful test on Thursday is the latest escalation of an arms race in Asia, where the assertiveness and rising military power of China has rattled the region. By launching a ballistic missile capable of reaching Beijing and Shanghai, India joined a small club of nations with long-range nuclear capability."

New York Times

Climate change denial not just for fools "Confident in their professional training and achievements, successful people in the suburbs see themselves as in-tune with the real world, while scientists are absorbed by theoretical abstractions. In the Information Age, it seems, everyone is a master of every subject they hear something about." (Mark Latham)

Australian Financial Review

Friday, 20 April 2012

General item

The waste land "For Nairobi's poorest, the enormous trash dump that's slowly killing them is also the only thing keeping them alive." (Also: image gallery)

Foreign Policy
Africa, Nairobi

How exercise could lead to a better brain "For more than a decade, neuroscientists and physiologists have been gathering evidence of the beneficial relationship between exercise and brainpower. But the newest findings make it clear that this isn't just a relationship; it is the relationship."

New York Times

And finally

A few more bank security questions "What is really your favorite Jane Austen novel? Who is your least favorite nephew?"

New Yorker
Humourists, Satire