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Monday, 16 April 2012

Lead item

Taliban launches largest attack on Kabul in 11 years "Dozens of fighters launched gun, rocket and suicide attacks on embassies, Nato bases, parliament and government buildings in the capital, in what a spokesman called a 'spring offensive' to demonstrate its strength."

Afghanistan, Taliban

Monday, 16 April 2012

General item

Europe's economic suicide "The Spanish story bears no resemblance to the morality tales so popular among European officials. Spain wasn't fiscally profligate - on the eve of the crisis it had low debt and a budget surplus. Unfortunately, it also had an enormous housing bubble, a bubble made possible in large part by huge loans from German banks." (Paul Krugman)

New York Times

Beehive management "In a healthy team, all the individual members talk to each other, not just the boss. Everyone listens as much as they talk. There is frequent communication, but it tends to be fairly fast. And people regularly make forays outside the team."

Boston Globe

Monday, 16 April 2012

General item

Is Facebook making us lonely? "The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind. But they are the ties that preoccupy. We don't want to intrude on each other, so instead we constantly intrude on each other, but not in 'real time.'"

The Atlantic

Mad Men and the forty-year itch "What drives the (nostalgia) cycle isn't the people watching and listening; it's the producers who help create and nurture the preferred past. Though pop culture is most often performed by the young, the directors and programmers and gatekeepers are, and always have been, largely forty-somethings."

New Yorker

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