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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lead item

The long goodbye: explaining Gillard's collapse "There are grave structural weaknesses within the contemporary federal Labor Party. But in my opinion they are not responsible for the federal government’s present discontents. Federal Labor’s woes rest rather on a string of particular, mostly avoidable, tightly interconnected, strategic blunders." (Robert Manne)

The Monthly

Thursday, 29 March 2012

General item

Tricky strategies with the US and China "Anyone who is inclined to think that America would defeat China in any strategic contest the way it beat the Soviets has forgotten a vital difference. China's economy works. For Australia, escalating rivalry between the US and China would be a disaster whatever happened." (Hugh White)

National Times

Afghan women are being jailed for 'moral crimes' "Nearly half of all women in Afghan prisons are being held for 'moral crimes' such as running away from home or adultery. Afghanistan is the only country in the world that interprets sharia law to prohibit women from running away from their home."


Thursday, 29 March 2012

General item

David Bowie: so ordinary, so glamorous "As well as the familiar ambiguities of gender and sexuality, in the best of the Ziggy songs Bowie channels both the extraterrestrial superstar and the crooked-toothed boy from Bromley: he is simultaneously star and fan, both Ground Control and Major Tom."

London Review of Books

And finally

9 favourite Daily Mail stories - including The House That Looks Like Hitler (true!) and The World's Saddest Fish :( 

New Yorker