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Friday, 16 March 2012

General item

Health chief warns: age of safe medicine is ending "There is a global crisis in antibiotics caused by rapidly evolving resistance among microbes responsible for common infections that threaten to turn them into untreatable diseases, said Margaret Chan, dir-general of the WHO."

The Independent

Friday, 16 March 2012

Lead item

Bo Xilai's sacking signals showdown in China's Communist Party "Today's unceremonious dismissal of Bo Xilai, the powerful and charismatic Party Secretary of southwestern megalopolis Chongqing, is a political earthquake that will send shockwaves across China."

The Daily Beast

General item

Out of contact "Incredible as it may seem, and there may be no greater anachronism on earth, there are still 'wild' human beings living in some of the remotest corners of the tropics. Most are around the fringes of the Amazon in the border regions of Brazil, especially in neighboring Perú where there are suspected of being at least fifteen uncontacted groups."

New York Review of Books

Friday, 16 March 2012

General item

The man who broke Atlantic City "Don Johnson won nearly $6 million playing blackjack in one night, single-handedly decimating the monthly revenue of Atlantic City's Tropicana casino. Not long before that, he'd taken the Borgata for $5 million and Caesars for $4 million. Here's how he did it."

The Atlantic

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