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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lead item

Growing air of concern in Greece over new bailout "Greece's foreign lenders expressed doubts that the new austerity measures the Greek Parliament passed last week would actually be carried out, at least before early national elections. Others are concerned that in the fine print of the document Greece relinquished fundamental parts of its sovereignty to its foreign lenders."

New York Times

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

General item

Gonski, plutocracy and public policy "Gonski is politically astute, and the report's language is diplomatic, but the implication of his recommendations is clear: elite private schools should receive less public money, while schools with a high proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds should get far more. But the Labor Government tied Gonski's hands from the start."

The Drum

Fishing as slaves on the high seas "Yusril's story, and that of nearly two-dozen other survivors of abuse, reveals how the $85 billion global fishing industry profits from the labor of people forced to work for little or no pay, often under the threat of violence. This is the story of how that ill-gotten catch may wind up on your plate."

Bloomberg Business Week

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

General item

The art of the Meryl Streep Acceptance Speech "The Meryl Streep acceptance speech is an art unto itself: elegant, loopy, cunningly self-aware, and impeccably delivered - in short, everything you expect from a Meryl Streep performance, condensed to three minutes. Where else can you see fake humility, fake gratitude, and fake spontaneity delivered with such aplomb?"

New Yorker

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