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Monday, 23 January 2012

Lead item

Poker machine doublespeak "Wilkie may have fallen victim to political grandiosity but he also exemplifies qualities the electorate is yearning for in its leaders. The news bulletins announced 'another broken promise' and there it was in a nutshell, the question of trust and conviction. No doubt Gillard and her backers in the ALP see the weekend's events as a victory."

The Drum

Monday, 23 January 2012

General item

Newt ascendant "In normal times, he would be too transparently and dangerously flawed to survive the winnowing of the campaign process, but a time of economic crisis, with rampant insecurity and despair, provides an opening for Gingrich’s brand of messianism."

New Yorker

Flu research and biological warfare "In December boffins around the world were taken aback by an odd request. The American government called on the world's two leading scientific publications to censor research. Nature and Science were about to publish studies by two separate teams which had been tinkering with H5N1 influenza."

Biology, Flu, Health, influenza

Monday, 23 January 2012

General item

Patti Smith: The Mother Courage of Rock "What caught my eye was her boast, 'I’m one of the best poets in rock and roll.' At the time, I didn’t just think I was the best poet in rock and roll; I thought I was the only one."

New York Review of Books
Patti Smith

And finally

The Sistine Chapel The 360 degree view (click and drag to navigate, or zoom in)

The Vatican