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Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott. © Jason Edwards / Newspix
Why do Andrew Bolt and company love to hate the national broadcaster?
By Don Watson
Why a good media strategy is no way to run a country
By Sean Kelly
It’s a new era for Sydney Theatre Company’s artistic director
By Luke Slattery
Presents, prayers and asylum seekers
By Sunil Badami
How we fight fires now
By John van Tiggelen
On science, religion, politics and ideology
By Judith Brett
How should we remember World War One?
By Don Watson
A bromance for the ages
By Greg Sheridan
Memories of a friend and mentor
By Robyn Davidson
‘Falling Back to Earth’ at Brisbane’s QAGOMA
By Ashley Hay
The Shadow King reimagines Shakespeare's tragedy
By Christine Kenneally
Indonesia’s dangdut music puts Western pop to shame
By Ramon Glazov
Rewriting the Gillard years
By Richard Cooke
Fire, climate and denial
By Robert Kenny
How the man became a myth
By Simone Ubaldi
James Mackay is on the audition trail in LA
By Jo Lennan
Illness and enforced retirement won’t stop a local newspaperwoman
By Ian Kenins
The Melbourne teenager with the worldwide scoop
By Michaela McGuire