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Gift subscriptions can be ordered via our website, subscription card in the print edition or simply telephone or email us with the details.

For gift subscriptions ordered on the website, there is a section to complete under the heading "Is this a gift order?" After you have submitted and confirmed the order, the website has an optional "Tell a friend" feature, to inform the recipient of your gift.

Your online account doesn't list gift subscriptions (at present), it only lists subscriptions going to your address, however, we will remind you when your gift subscriptions are expiring.

Gift cards

You may download and print out our simple gift cards: the Monthly gift card (PDF), Quarterly Essay gift card (PDF) and present them to the recipient at your convenience.

We also stock professionally printed copies of our gift cards. Just call or email us with the details of your gift recipient(s) and we will organise a gift card to accompany your subscription.

When to expect delivery

The Monthly publishes 11 issues per year. December-January is a combined issue, so subscribers will not receive a magazine delivery in January.

Copies of the Monthly are released two days prior to the first Friday of the month and we aim to deliver to subscribers by this time, however, external factors can delay the service provided by Australia Post.

Delivery problems

We may have an incorrect address on file. Your magazines may also have stopped being delivered because your subscription expired and was not renewed. Click here to login and verify your address in our system and to check expiry dates. (Please read "When to expect delivery" above, especially if you are reading this in January)

If delivery problems persist, we are happy to investigate the cause. Please contact us to discuss any persistent issues via telephone, email or submit a missing or damaged report on our website.

Pay wall access

A subscription to the Online Monthly provides access to the online and e-book editions behind the pay wall. Access is obtained via an email address and password associated with your subscription.

Existing and new subscribers to the Monthly, the printed edition of the magazine, are also entitled to to access all content behind the pay wall, but they must have an online account and a current subscription.

If you have an expired subscription or a Quarterly Essay subscription only, you will be able to sign in but you will not have access to content behind the pay wall.

If you have just renewed a subscription online to gain access to the pay wall, you will need to log out and log back in in order for the system to update your status.

Your online account

You may already have an online account in our system if you ordered any subscription from the Monthly or Quarterly Essay direct from our website within the past 5 years.

Try the sign in form in the header of the website or request a new password be emailed to you.

To create an online account for a subscription which was ordered offline or received as a gift, register here and enter your first name, last name and city. If an exact match is found, you will instantly have the benefits of an online account for your subscription.

We can create an account for you if needed; we just need your email address. Contact us if you need an online account created for you.

What's free, what's not?

On the Monthly website, many articles are free, SlowTV, the Shortlist Daily and PoliticOz are completely free. The latest Monthly essays in the Magazine section that are flagged with a padlock are only available to subscribers to the Monthly or the Online Monthly.

For the Quarterly Essay, please click on past issues and follow the links to download free extracts from previous essays.

iPad/iPhone app

Our new iPad/iPhone app is part of the Monthly Online subscription.

Website feedback

Check that you have followed the instructions on the page(s) where the issue occurs.

If you can't find a solution after reading this page thoroughly, please report the issue to us so that we can help you and improve our system.

It is useful if you describe the problem clearly, including:

  • what you were trying to do
  • page address
  • any error messages
  • browser name and version
  • PC or Mac

To report issues with the website please e-mail or telephone. Contact us.

Going away?

We can hold the subscription and restart when you return but we cannot send the issues that you have missed while you were away.

"The Monthly Pty Ltd" on bank statement

The Monthly website also manages sales for Quarterly Essay and the Online Monthly. If you subscribed to either of these products this would be the reason for this charge. If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact us.

Cheques/money orders

We accept cheques or money order made out to "The Monthly Pty Ltd" for subscriptions to the Monthly. For subscriptions to Quarterly Essay please make cheques or money orders payable to "Schwartz Media Pty Ltd"

Order offline

A subscription order form for the Monthly is available for download or you can download a gift subscription form. You can print it out and send it via mail or fax. Forms are also available inside the print publications.