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Thu, 2014-04-24 10:51
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Means testing and co-payments part of fixing the budget: Hockey

"Repairing the budget will require more use of means testing and co-payments, Treasurer Joe Hockey has warned, in a speech also renewing his criticism of 'corporate welfare'. Hockey appealed to people not to judge his May 13 budget on what they got or lost in the short term. It was about 'our quality of life for the years ahead'."

Also: Audit not privy to multibillion-dollar direct action plan to reduce emissions (Lisa Cox, The Age)

And: Election promises are there for the breaking (Chris Berg, The Drum)

Nauru guards accused of assaulting children

"The letter by a Save the Children Australia worker to the charity’s Nauru contractors expresses 'extremely alarming' allegations of 'mistreatment and inappropriate behaviour' directed at asylum seekers by guards employed by Wilson Security, also now contracted at the Manus Island facility."

Andrew Robb fast-tracks UAE uranium deal

"In a move that marks the first time Australian uranium would be sold to the Middle East, Trade Minister Andrew Robb is fast-tracking a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE)... a country with a secretive, unelected government situated in one of the world’s most insecure regions."

Royal tour of Australia is all about creation of soft propaganda

"This is succession planning. It's about laying down memories in Australia against the time the Queen dies. The first tour is the one that matters – the tour with the young couple and the baby, the gloss not worn off their marriage and possible princely misdemeanours of the child far in the future."

The ties that bind

"The turning of ICAC from Labor to the Coalition side of politics in recent weeks has revealed that the problem goes much deeper than the way that it was discussed when ICAC was investigating Obeid and pals."